How to get the magazine-ready look for your bed

Boris Arcidiacono - Dressing a bed

I’ve always loved those stylish Interiors magazines that show immaculate homes. Everything in its place, no clutter, just images exuding style and glamour.  My favourite room to pine over has always been the bedroom. I used to look at the images in awe and wish I could achieve such a polished look in my room. My longing only lasted until I learnt that those looks are actually totally achievable.

Ok so some things are obvious: Clear away clothes once worn, put away books, bottles of moisturiser and remote controls in drawers and generally keep surfaces clear an uncluttered. Your things will all still be there when you need them, they just don’t need to be on display all the time. Easy right?! But what about those perfectly put together beds. Surely that is the work of a professional interior designer, brought in to stage the place. Well wold you believe it if I told you it’s actually quite easy to achieve too? Here are my tips on how to get the right look.

1 Colours

Whether you prefer muted neutrals, bold colour clocking or pretty patterns, you should apply the same rules to dressing your bed as you would to dressing yourself. Coordinate! Solid colour sheets can be coordinated with a patterned quilt cover or cushions from the same colour palette. Or you could use a throw a shade or two darker at the foot of the bed.

Boris Arcidiacono - Dressing a bed

2 Method

I am personally a huge fan of the quilt in place of the bedspread.  Whatever you choose, I think that the best look is always to have the bed covers rolled down, off the pillows to create a thick band across the two thirds mark of your bed. It’s a really clean, trendy look that is a far cry from the cheap hotel look with the covers thrown over your pillows. This method also makes number 3 a lot easier.

Boris Arcidiacono - Dressing a bed


3 Pillows…and lots of them

Most men would argue that this is such a girly thing.  But it is undeniable how pillows and cushions complete a bed. I actually learnt this simple technique from the bedding experts at Boris Arcidiacono. You only have to take a look at the exquisitely made beds in their showroom to attest to this. Large square pillows, pillows matching the duvet cover, bolster cushions and decorative square cushions can all combine to create a welcoming cosy tableau. But careful not to make it look too cluttered and overcrowded. I like to use different colours and shapes and textures that all fit in with the general scheme of my room. You might also want to dedicate an armchair or chest at the foot of your bed for easy storage before you go to bed. It will make the task of re-making the bed in the morning far easier if the cushions haven’t been thrown to the 4 winds.

Boris Arcidiacono - Dressing a bed

4 A throw

I already mentioned this briefly in my second point.  There is something so cosy about a contrasting throw neatly folded or casually draped across the end of a bed. It makes me think of an afternoon siesta and looks so inviting. You can have a lot of fun changing your throw to go with different sets of linens.

Boris Arcidiacono - Dressing a bed

5 Texture

My bed currently has crisp cotton sheets and pillow cases, a fleecy throw, 2 satin finish cushions, 1 damask cushion, two cable-knit bolster cushions. It is so invitingly tactile. Each of the elements works within my colour scheme but creates a really interesting ensemble through all the various textures and fabrics.

Boris Arcidiacono - Dressing a bed

All it takes is a few ingredients and 5 minutes every morning to make your bed look like something out of a glossy magazine. And our friends at Boris Arcidiacono have everything you need to achieve the look. From beautiful linens to quilts, cushions and throws, they have a selection of some of the best quality brands on the island.

Why not take a walk along the Sliema seafront, check out their stunning bed displays and pop in to speak to the sleep experts at Boris Arcidiacono.


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