How to get your own personalised bed linen in Malta


It’s not every day you walk into a shop to look for bed linen and go, “yes that’s exactly what I want!” Imagine having the best design that suits your room’s colour scheme and your taste, in the size that fits your bed exactly. To see the extent to which tailormade bed linen can be truly tailored, I visited the Boris Arcidiacono store in Sliema.

In the store, you will see various samples from the Luiz range that you can choose from to create your own bedding. There are far more options available than what you can find in the online catalog. The variety of options instantly stimulate your imagination and could even make it harder to narrow down your choices. But do not worry, the bedding experts will help you select the best solution for you, while taking you through the fabric samples that you can see and feel.


I based my design choices on my room as an example. Currently, my bedroom looks like this.


I wanted to change the feel of my room just by changing the bedding, while leaving the rest of the décor as is. I want to make it look girly but a little bit more mature.
Gabriella, an expert in bedding, helped me to choose the best bed linens.
Angela: What shall I start with?
Gabriella: Let’s start with the components.


Step 1 – choose the components

I decided to add two back pillows and two small front pillows.

At Boris Arcidiacono, you can also get pillows, quilts, mattresses, and even pajamas. They have whatever you need for the best quality of sleep.

Angela: What about a runner?
Gabriella: Well, your bed has a foot board and if you have both foot board and runner, it might be too loud.
Angela: I see! Then, I will leave it without. That is practical advice. I am glad that I brought a photo of my room.


Step 2 – combine elements and create your own bed linen


Gabriella: I suggest you to start with the quilt cover, since it is the part you see the most. Also, when you have back pillows, it will “close” the design if you choose to have the same pattern repeated at the back, as the quilt cover.
Angela: Indeed, then I will start by choosing the main fabric. I like this small flower pattern in purple for the main part.
Gabriella: You can also add piping, cotton ribbons and stitching as well.
Angela: I didn’t know that. It widens the possibility much more! I will add light purple cotton ribbon piping on the edge then. It will look nice when the quilt is folded back, at the top of the bed.


These are what I chose for my pillows.

As for the back pillow, I chose the same fabrics as the quilt cover, but with a flange in complimenting light purple color, and added a lime green stitch in-between the two materials to match with my lime green wall. I chose mainly white for my sheets and sleeping pillow, but added a frame application to the pillowcase in light purple to create consistency.
Angela: Hmm… What will be nice to have for the front pillow?
Gabriella: What about giving it a punch with a bit of a stronger purple?
Angela: That will be nice. You really do know how to create a beautiful bed!


Step 3 – determine the size you need

BorisAngela: As mentioned in a previous article, size is important, so I have measured my mattress, quilt, and pillow.
Gabriella: Perfect! That makes ordering the right size a lot easier. Then, I will place your order from the factory in Germany. You should receive it in approximately 4 weeks.

The products are all hand made in Germany. The seamstresses at Luiz will complete every piece individually, making them totally unique.

With the basic images and the colour restriction that I had, Gabriella gave me the best suggestions for my room. The experts at Boris Arcidiacono were very friendly, helpful, and experienced, making the process easy and enjoyable.

If you are thinking of changing your bed linen to the best quality and to one that perfectly fits to your bedroom, visit Boris Arcidiacono. Come prepared with an idea of colours and materials you prefer. Do not forget to measure your current bedding. In addition, I suggest that you bring a photo of your bedroom, because it is always helpful for the experts to give better advice!


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