How to pick a Light Fixture – 4 important tips


This month, we at Elektra will be tackling the different aspects you should look at when picking out a Lighting Fixture.

We have all been there, we look up one day and see this stupid looking light fixture hanging down from our very own ceiling, and you say to yourself; how did that piece of junk get up there in the first place? I need to change that, and now! Next thing you know you’re online surfing thousands of light fixtures nursing a migraine!

Most people often move into places where light fixtures are, and don’t bother to change anything. They don’t because as soon as you think about changing one, the place begins to unravel in your mind. If you change one to something that truly reflects your taste and style, it won’t match the others. So what does one do?

Simple. You start a lighting makeover and rediscover the power of light! Choose new Light fixtures, add spotlights for accenting artworks, and come out of the dark ages of incandescent bulbs into the enlightened era of LEDs.

lightfixture1One must also remember not to overlook certain rooms, like your closet space and the laundry room where lighting is critical. At the end of the day, no one likes leaving the house wearing two different shades of Socks do they?

All this will obviously require a lot of calculations and work, but don’t let all this deter you and continue to live with the ugly. You will try resist the changes but you will reach a point where you simply won’t manage anymore!

Remember though, what you actually like and what actually goes with your Home might not always go in sync. Fortunately for you, one is able to seek counselling from Lighting companies, like Elektra, who will consult you on the best possible match for your home.

In the most successful interiors, fixtures flow throughout the house

You don’t want to walk into a home and see a traditional light fixture in the entry, an industrial fixture in the master, and contemporary lighting in the bathroom. Lighting fixtures with the same finishes and styles will help achieve a nice flow throughout your home.

Therefore, below are four points one must consider when choosing a light fixture…

Consider the Architecture; a common mistake is mixing light fixtures from different time periods. You don’t have to treat your home like a period museum but one must try to honour its architecture.

Consider the finish; consider the metal finish of the other fixtures in your home and also the hardware such as Kitchen knobs, etc; they should ideally match the new fixtures finish. Remember Light fixtures are a long term investments. Play it safe and add personality to your home with accessories and maybe a touch of pain

livingroomConsider your style; what’s your décor style? Vintage? Contemporary? Industrial – Eclectic? Rustic? Or something else? When you manage to identify what style suits you best, stick to it. Its far better to be true to your home then to indulge into something bought on a whim. Through trial and error one will learn what works and one needs to stay on track.

Overindulging in a style you like can easily backfire

Consider yourself; Yes you! Do you like it? It’s not all about catering to the house alone but finding a fixture that is true to the house, but that also reflects you!



We, at Elektra, hope we were able to help you better understand how achieve the best lighting for your Homes. For further Lighting or Electrical advice, visit our Partner Profile for contact information.  Our Lighting Consultants are also available by appointment at no extra cost to guide you through the process. We look forward to hearing from you!

This article is courtesy of the lighting experts at Elektra Ltd.


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