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Brands International Ltd., known for its wide range of flooring products, is offering an innovative, eco-friendly vinyl waterproof product. This addition comes from the reputable German producer Parador.

This click-system vinyl flooring solution is resilient and of outstanding quality and is the ideal choice for people with an appreciation for interior design who are  looking for an alternative type of floor that offers high durability and is easy to maintain.

The new vinyl floors from Parador are highly durable and waterproof, and since they are also resistant to damp, this makes them perfect for bathrooms, kitchens and children’s rooms. Vinyl floors are also extremely silent, ensuring good room acoustics all round. They come in a variety of designs with extremely realistic timber finishes and textures, so finding your favourite and most suitable option is practically hassle-free.

Nowadays living healthily and choosing eco-friendly alternatives has become a top priority for many people. Choosing materials that do not emit toxins is the way forward. The special surface coating on Parador vinyl floors means that they are well suited to allergy sufferers and children. These floors also boast easy-care properties and can be cleaned without using harsh chemicals – or without any chemicals at all. During installation, one can avoid dust storms since vinyl can be installed on top of existing flooring. It comes in panel format, only 5mm thick, with an intelligent click system.

Parador vinyl flooring is non-slip for added safety and comfort, and is also suitable for under-floor heating and very comfortable to walk on barefoot.

Due to its versatility and properties, Parador vinyl flooring works in both residential and commercial applications, since it can withstand heavy traffic. When choosing a Parador vinyl floor, one can be assured of the highest quality by international standards, backed by a 20 year warranty.


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