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elektra integrated solution

Elektra is a Leader within the Lighting and Electrical industry in Malta, owing its success to its ambitious aims to satisfy the customer’s wellbeing through stylish and idealised lighting solutions while keeping in mind energy saving technologies. With 39 years of experience, the dedicated and continuous development of the organisation ensures professionalism and awareness on innovations in the field.


Elektra workselektra integrated solution with some of the best brands in the market when it comes to working on safe and reliably-wired accessories. Thus being able to provide several Integrated Solutions for all of your Residential, Commercial and Working stations.

A cluster of wires is a common sight in rooms where safety and organisation are of secondary importance, however, this messy look is neither secure nor attractive. This should be a main concern especially if the room receives guests, both for informal gatherings as well as professional meetings and conferences. It is of utmost importance for a room to project a good first impression, and Elektra can help its customers create a modern and elegant look based on their preferences.

Elektra’s integrated solutions also create an improved environment which is organised, clean and tidy as well as ecologically respectful, elegant and innovative. Moreover, in this day and age, space, safety and efficiency, three important aspects handled by the company, cannot be overlooked.

Below you will find some Integrated Solutions, available at Elektra, which would be able to integrate harmoniously in all types of furniture for meeting rooms, individual or open space offices. Users are immediately operational. They have at their fingertips all the power and low current sockets to connect their equipment. The rich offer of finishes brings modern aesthetic for a perfect integration into today office environment.


Legrands Desk Grommet

elektra integrated solution

An ingenious ergonomically designed system that can be used to provide power, connect to the data network or recharge a mobile phone. This solution integrates directly into the furniture with minimum effort and replaces existing cable entry plates.

Mobile users have a handy high/low current connection point at their finger tips complete with mobile phone charger.Apart from being handy, its stylish design can also be adapted for any type of interior setting.


Legrand Pop-up boxes

elektra integrated solution

The new ergonomically designed pop-up boxes are a perfect solution for rooms and workplaces that require a large selection of power supplies for hardware and applications such as PCs, mobile phones, sound and video systems.

The pop-up boxes are adaptable, and there is a choice of different currents as well as connections which can be set up both on raised desk tops as well as on concrete floor, providing several solutions for differently set up work systems.



Schneider Optiline Mini Pop-up box


elektra integrated solution

The Schneider Optiline mini pop-up circular appliance is another practical solution for busy desk tops, containing two plug sockets and two ports for an online connection. The design is highly mobile, and can be easily lowered and raised according to the user’s desire to have the wires and connections out of sight

Apart from giving a neat finish to the desk, it also protects the electrical system from any liquid spills which are often dangerous in working environments which rely heavily on electrical hardware.

If you would like to find out more about these integrated solutions, or wish to have a better understanding of what they can offer, get in touch with Elektra today. Their Team of Consultants will be happy to help you with the best possible solution for you. You can find all their contact information as well as the location map on their Partner profile or alternatively visit their website or email them at





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