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7 Simple tips to Light up the Mood!

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In continuation to our last article, on the process of how to choose your Kitchen Lighting, in this week’s article we will be exploring 7 Lighting Strategies to draw people into the Kitchen.

First of all remember to think outside the kitchen! With today’s open plan layouts, it is essential to keep in mind that your Kitchen lighting is important to adjacent areas of your home. How does a lighting fixture relate to the surrounding area you see from the kitchen? Whilst it doesn’t necessarily need to match, however coordinating finishes is important. If the rest of your Home Light fixtures are bronze, go for a bronze in the kitchen.


Choose Pendants that pop. Ideally, for Pendants hanging over the over the island, one would usually go for a layout of two larger pendants or one statement pendant, or even an array of smaller ones.

Go for Translucent fixtures. Rather than having the normal opaque fixtures, Light fixtures with a lens at the bottom help hide the Bulbs underneath whilst providing a glow at the same time.

Lighting Art. As the Kitchen becomes more of a living/gathering space within your home, and as a result of smart storage, it allows more wall space, canvases, framed photographs and other pieces which homeowners which to integrate into the space. Lighting is critical for bringing such artworks to life in your kitchen as well as the rest of your home.


Add glow to your Cabinets. Glass-fronted cabinets or open shelving with displays of pretty pottery or maybe some favourite China are lit inside. This small touch helps create more dimensions and more of a glow at that level of your sight line in the kitchen. This simple trick creates that little more visual interest and depth.

Include Toe kick Lights. Installing light underneath base cabinets ot light up the floor beneath adds ambiance and will also serve as a functional night light. Allowing the Homeowners to walk in the Kitchen after dark and see the floors without stumbling.

Under-Counter Lighting. By creating a simple groove under the lip of a counter top and installing lights in that groove, it will help you see into dark drawers when you open them.

We, at Elektra, hope we were able to help you better understand how to choose Your Kitchen Lighting and how to make the most of the space. For further Lighting or Electrical enquiries, email us on or call us on 25463000.  We, at Elektra, look forward to hearing from you!
This article is courtesy of the lighting experts at Elektra.


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