Experience the comfort of bedding made to suit your sleep style

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For FORM, your sleep comfort is a real passion and they have solutions for all your sleep dilemmas. discover what they have in store to create your optimum sleeping conditions.

The Bedding collection from Form keeps growing and now includes two new mattresses.  Moonlight is a hybrid mattress with a generous latex comfort layer overlying a pocket spring encased core, positioned at the top of the mattress range.  Gettit is a new 100% Dunlop Process Natural latex product with a high density index of 80 and 85; it ensures amazing body support and durability.



Summer has finally arrived, with searing hot days and stiflingly warm nights. We’re always looking for ways to minimise room temperature while we sleep , however there are other less obvious ways to stay cool while you sleep. For a cool sleep there is the latest generation mattress protector: impermeable but breathable, in washable Natural Tencel fabric that also regulates temperature control through its cellular structure ensuring a cool sleep surface.

This cool sleep experience also transfers to pillows. From Mash of Spain, one of the leading European producers, licensed to use the Dupont fibre trademark, FORM are now supplying larger sized fibre pillows : the Mash gel pillow is made from gel treated fibres in a crispy cotton cover to provide a cool surface and refreshing sleep.

FORM’s pillow collection has even more to offer. Their top of the range new arrival Mash Down Classic has a down filling that provides the luxurious sensuous feel of a product that is 100% natural. They also have a Mash Feather pillow made from treated feathers, both of EU origin.

The Mash Kol is made from high grade siliconized fibres designed for heavy wear and the favoured pillow of the hotel industry due to its quality and durability. The Mash Popular is a fibre pillow of above average quality but accessible to most budgets.
Also available at FORM are easy to use Tencel impermeable but breathable mattress protectors and pillow cases that help create a more hygienic surface for your pillows and mattress thanks to these washable covers.

Stop in at FORM, in Valley Road, Msida and speak to the bedding experts who will help find the perfect solutions for you.


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