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Fino 2016 TV offer

No matter where you hail from, it is a deeply-ingrained tradition to invite friends and family into our homes during any holiday season.

Whether it is to watch a Christmas movie together, have conversation over a hot cup of tea or chocolate or have a full-on lavish affair, these gathering are what make this time of year most special – an opportunity to unite people, host, and care for our loved ones. It also tends to be the time of year when our living room is used even more than usual.

Fino 2016 TV offer

Nevertheless, it is when setting up for special occasions and gatherings that we tend to spot the ways in which our living room can be spruced up. For those keen on transitioning into the new year by giving a likewise new beginning to their home, the living room is one place to start. After all, the kitchen may be the room we use most, but it is in our living room that we get truly comfortable.

Fino 2016 ESig Offer 2


In the spirit of the holiday and new beginnings, Fino is offering a jaw-dropping package deal. Order a sofa, coffee table, wall unit, carpet, and light fitting, and get up to a 25% discount and a free 40” curved full tv worth 699 euros. Their selection also includes other deals; for example, the INES sofa was at 1400 euros and is now at 770 euros.

This offer is valid until the end of December 2016.



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