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Pros and cons of open plan office

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Is an open plan office a good idea?  We often perceive the office to be a place where someone can shut themselves away and concentrate on projects, deadlines and to do lists. And shut themselves away is the operative phrase.  But modern management and working styles are giving way to the use of more open plan spaces. Let’s see what are the advantages and disadvantages of these newer open plan set-ups:



  • Improvements in communication: No walls and doors let conversations flow freely and can eliminate the traditional hierarchical barriers if managers move into the open space too, thus promoting interaction at all levels.
  • Exchange of knowledge: Open offices favour learning among teams, enhancing the ability to solve problems.
  • Improves the culture: Open spaces facilitate socialisation which improves communication all round and fosters a positive company culture.
  • Improves manners: another advantage is that people generally behave better in a public setting promoting a better coexistence.
  • Attracts young workers: Open offices are more attractive to young people as they relish the open communication, interaction and teamwork we spoke about earlier.
  • Reduces costs: this leads to less costs of construction, air conditioning and lighting.


  • Auditory and visual distractions: noise and movement can very easily distract others in an open space and diminish worker productivity.
  • Reduced privacy: Open spaces give employees less privacy which can make their job trickier when working on sensitive or confidential projects.
  • Without visible distinctive spaces or denotations, it can be difficult for employees and visitors to identify who is in charge.


It is clear that with more advantages than disadvantages, the open plan office is a modern day success story, especially now that more attention is given to communication, teamwork, productivity, brand communication and corporate identity. This in turn encourages employees to be happy in their work, since this combination encourages engagement and in turn transmits a better company outlook.

In addition, it is now easier to eliminate some of the disadvantages of the open plan office. How you might ask? This is very easy; thanks to the Vitra Workbay you can have all the pros of the open plan office while eliminating most of the cons.  Workbays create distinct areas where individuals or groups can retreat from the general office environment to carry out specific activities. Workbays respond to the necessity for noise reduction and help to absorb disruptive sounds in the surrounding environment. Subtle yet striking, the organic forms of Workbays add definition and structure to a room. They can be combined, expanded or adjusted as needed to meet changing conditions


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