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Jim Dunn - Spa Lounge ESPA Life at Corinthia

I HAVE, AS YOU WILL REMEMBER, always banged on about what is true luxury.

Well, I have now found a pocket of it.  A very grand pocket.  In London at the spankingly  efficient  Corinthia Hotel, that marvelous watering hole slap bang in the middle of the British capital. You can wave to Admiral Nelson, atop his perch in Trafalgar Square, from your room. I would book immediately, if I were you, for a weekend….or longer…perhaps the rest of your life?

It’s not cheap but then again as I am always saying real luxury isn’t cheap.

The hotel is, of course, the flagship of the Malta home grown group Corinthia which counts  among its establishments the gracious Corinthia Palace Hotel and Spa, Attard.

In  London recently I tucked myself into the beautiful  Corinthia, the building dates back to 1885, for a few days. It’s a stroll from Downing Street and the area is steeped in history. I was bowled over not only by the comfort and the top quality interiors by GA Design International but by the fact that the hotel WORKS.

The exterior style is of a Paris apartment block with decorative swirls and motifs carved into its golden sandstone. Britain’s famous Prime Minister Winston Churchill worked in the building when it was Government offices and he has written of hearing Big Ben strike on Armistice Day as he watched from a window. History indeed.

During WWII the building was used as the headquarters for the top secret operations which co-ordinated and executed a large number of prisoners of war escapes across Europe. It is also believed that Room 801 in the building held the Government’s records of UFO sightings in the area.

The hotel’s interiors are all greys, creams and blacks and I would maintain that a marble mountain must have disappeared from somewhere as they re-created this former hotel and Government building into this Palace of ostentation, for that is what it is. The idea I believe was to create the impression of a grand English home but with a contemporary twist. In this they  have exceeded.

I’d been to the hotel many times before for meals and coffee meetings and for their famous over the top Afternoon Tea….it’s definitely the place to be if you are an elegant Lady –who- has- Tea…. but I had never  stayed overnight.

The hotel works because someone has paid attention to the detail. We could work out all the TV controls, isn’t that a breakthrough when usually it takes a visit from the Front Desk to get all the technical bits switched on. Internet just happens…no password…click and there you are.  In the Bar you don’t have to wait for a busy Barman to notice you, just ask any passing member of staff and your drink will appear. Multi- tasking at its most efficient.

However it was the Spa…the Espa Life…which really made my proverbial jaw drop. It is massive. Spread over four floors and 3,300sm. It’s simply divine. I’m told the Zen effect (whatever that is but I’m sure it’s important) was much used in the design. Probably the best Spa I have visited anywhere and believe me I have been to a few. Have a look

I spent a morning there being massaged, pampered, pumelled and advised on all things relaxing and healthy. I swam in the vitality pool, and in the main pool which is almost the size of nearby Trafalgar Square. The décor is black marble and creams which I am told again is good zen. I certainly felt the benefit when I emerged into the London traffic  three hours later.

London of course was its usual magnificent self. I walked all over the place. Cities are meant to be walked. From Trafalgar Square to the theatre district to Covent Garden and had lunch in my favourite restaurant in that area The Delauney. On another day I took one of the many Thames Ferries which will take you east or west to explore this great city from The Thames, depending on your  whim . This is well worth doing as you see from the river  the extensive changes which have taken place in recent years to the skyline of the city.

Visit the very ‘cool’ in the design sense, Liberty, Regent Street .This is a must if you are in the design business whether buying or selling. Its policy is to encourage the new generation of designers from clothes to furniture to pottery and  lighting.

A visit there always inspires.

If you are in London with children or young people the Corinthia has a host of ideas to keep them occupied. So check with the concierge on the wide range of activities and sightseeing they can  suggest with for example London’s literary history reflected through the many published books a big attraction ……from Harry Potter, who as we all know started his journeys from Kings’ Cross railway station, to Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens     www.


JIM DUNN is a writer and PR advisor to the Travel and Leisure industries.
He has written two books. A ‘how to’ book on Successful PR and a memoir “Very Private and Public Relations”. His story of growing up in Scotland in the 1960s and creating a hugely successful PR organisation in London; the book is available now in bookshops or on line.
He lives in Malta, Majorca and London.


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