What you need to know about lighting your commercial space

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The Challenge of Lighting Design is to translate user needs in planning features, creating tailored areas and spaces according to the feeling being pursued. A complete Human- centric care is the main goal if present and future designs.

Any commercial space should be enhanced by the lighting used throughout. There are many considerations to make when planning a commercial lighting project. The quality and quantity of lighting affects the ambience and function of your space as well as the performance of your employees. It should enhance the feeling of well-being and productivity, so consideration must be given to the design of the office interior to create a stimulating work place or be a pleasant place for clients. Keep in mind that Agreeable lighting has an emotional bond with the workplace and has a motivating effect. The lighting also impacts how employees, clients and customers view the company and its image.

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Lighting is one of the best, and easiest ways to improve the commercial environment. The challenge is that lighting plans must be cohesive and effectively illuminate different types of spaces that coexist under one roof: the reception area, open office space and private offices. It must represent and reinforce the corporate image.

The lighting must form an integral part of the architecture of the space to highlight prominent areas, delineate functional areas and create a flow through the space. It must also combine visual appeal, Technical Excellence, reliable products and components – resulting the least possible maintenance after installation.

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The first impression of your business is often formed when visitors and potential customers enter your space. Lighting needs to create a clear demarcation between the exterior and interior space, and create a strong first impression of your corporate image. This area usually requires lighting for two separate functions: a task area for the receptionist as well as an area for waiting visitors. Care should be taken to light the receptionist’s face so they appear approachable. Lighting in the waiting area should be not be too harsh allowing for a peaceful ambience but providing enough light for simple tasks like reading a newspaper or checking a phone.

In a conference room the lighting design needs to cater to various activities that might take place within its confines.  Their multifunctional character means they offer lighting that is flexible, attractive and efficient. From audiovisual presentations to daily meetings and all day brainstorming sessions. Flexibility and visual comfort are essential for this space. Appropriate task lighting needs to be provided for presentations, and ample illumination on the people seated at the table also needs to be provided. Conference rooms basically present the enterprise and its culture.

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In an open plan office different tasks are carried out in what could be a very large area. The ambient light level in this dynamic place needs to provide a comfortable, functional light and be lit consistently with the overall lighting plan. The lighting should be distributed uniformly, avoiding hot spots and glare that could affect computer monitors of large areas of glazing. It is necessary that lighting takes into consideration health and safety aspects, helping to avoid eye strain, visual fatigue, and headaches.

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Lighting Quality Standards

There are strict regulations which govern office lighting what temperatures are used, and Lux levels on worktops and conference areas.

The workspace should be illuminated to at least 500 Lux, demanding visual tasks require a minimum of 750 Lux on work surfaces. The Lighting requirements for immediate surrounding area are lower than a minimum 300 Lux illuminance.

The colours of the ceiling, walls and furniture can also have a major influence. Dark colours tend to reflect less than lighter ones. Wood flush and earth colours for instance absorb a great deal of light.

Smaller, private offices are generally used for individual work as well as small group meeting spaces so the ambient light in the room should be sufficient for navigation and conversation with adequate task lighting over the desk and other work surfaces.

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Safety Lighting and Lighting Efficiency are two further topics by which one has to look into when dealing with the Lighting for a commercial space:

Safety Lighting

Ensuring safety and preventing accidents are important Lighting tasks. A safety lighting system ensures that people can get their bearings and reduces the risk of accidents in the event of a power failure.

Lighting Efficiency

Tailored to requirements and ergonomically correct, extremely convenient and energy-efficient – lighting management technologies make office lighting flexible. They ensure that the right light is available in the right quantity at the right time and place.

The team at Elektra have years of experience in carrying out commercial lighting projects and rendering visuals on computer if necessary.

If you want to find out more about their commercial products and services, contact Elektra to arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements.




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