Your office space need not be purely functional

Boris Arcidiacono - - Origami chair

The time is right to give your office space a makeover and decorating with a hint of elegance can never be a bad thing. To reach its full potential, a business needs to attract and retain the best in the field and it has been proven that a great, comfortable work environment for employees is one of the elements that attract them to a workplace. Good interior design in an office reflects a company’s values and its sentiment towards its staff.

Design, comfort and functionality should be the key considerations when planning a workspace renovation.  In designing a working environment, we generally give more thought to method and functionality factors than we would when planning a home renovation, and these factors usually win out over design. However, given the opportunity to change the decor of our office we would probably all have some input to make. Very often, the aesthetics of a space are not taken into consideration. Attention is focused on the primary needs for the commercial optimization of the space. The tools of the trade like desks, chairs, cupboards and computers fit the need for comfort and function at the cost of style. Decorative elements are kept to a minimum. Clear desks, uncluttered surfaces and matching furniture are the “look” most modern offices opt for.

Boris Arcidiacono - Origami collection

But sometimes it would be lovely to step away from the clinical look and add some colour, curved lines and different textures to make the space more aesthetically appealing. Small changes adding plants, domestic-looking furniture, interesting art and stylish light fittings can make a huge impact. Alternatively, you could go the whole way by taking on extensive renovation to benefit from the architectural style of a building’s original features like exposed stone walls, cornices, old tiled or wooden floors and beams.  Even when it comes to the functional elements of an office space, there is no need to stick to the same old desk and chair for example. You can easily update the look of your office and add a touch of sophisticated elegance by taking a little more time to make these choices.  Indeed, this may seem to be a detail but office chairs are an important element in everyday working life. These are a crucial element in terms of staff comfort and welfare, but can also be an intrinsic part of the decorative scheme, adding luxury and elegance to smarten up your space.

We have selected some chair designs from Leyform that prove the point that design and functionality can be integrated seamlessly into the office.

If you want a perfect executive chair, there is the Supremo.  With its large seat and ergonomic backrest and its striking design, you will get an elegant and timeless executive chair.

Boris Arcidiacono - Supremo chair


Want to add style & class to your space?  The Wave chair is a concentrate of technique, aesthetic and productivity. The real protagonist of the workspace, nicely conceived and successful thanks to its timeless design. Simply…unique.

Boris Arcidiacono - Wave chair


If you are looking for a seductive and elegant executive chair, you’ll like the Zeus chair. Thanks to its sculptural lines and its optional quilted cover, it looks like a throne. The most personality-filled chair of the collection.

Boris Arcidiacono - Zeus chair


The Origami is an ergonomic and sinuous chair with a classic but always contemporary design. It offers several adjustment options and customizable features to furnish your workspace as you prefer. Its distinguishing feature? The aesthetic.

Boris Arcidiacono - - Origami chair

 More about Leyform

The company, founded in 1970, is aimed at developing its seating collections based on technological research in order to improve technical, ergonomic performance as well as the design to fit today’s and tomorrow’s office environment. Leyform products comply with European standards for health and safety in the work-place. Click here to find out more about Leyform.

Have a seat at Boris Arcidiacono and let Gaby and her team recommend the perfect chair for your luxury office space.


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