Investing in a Kitchen: Functionality, Quality, and Design


Ideacasa’s new vision is built around a brand equity that positions itself as the hassle-free service outlet in home solutions. We strive to give clients an experience that they are proud to share. Today, we would like to tackle an important mistake many buyers tend to make.

The kitchen has always been regarded as the heart of our home and the most emotional purchase when redesigning or implementing a new one. Whether used for everyday cooking, or for more special occasions, a kitchen is often the place where we spend most of our time. In an open plan setting, its importance is accentuated even further, for one will have to take care to ensure it blends in with the rest of the interior. Customers look for different things when shopping for a kitchen depending on their profile. First time buyers tend to look more at design whereas someone who has already owned a kitchen prioritizes quality and functionality. Indeed, first time buyers often find themselves disappointed by the design they go for.

It is to this particular conundrum that we seek to cater for. By learning from and analysing what buying look for when renovating their kitcheOur specialty is ensuring that design meets quality and functionality, and that one does not come at the expense of the other. Our economic kitchens start from a very affordable price and have a great looking design, extending the range to more functionality and quality features in the medium and higher-end of the spectrum.


Why Aran?

Distinct Advantages of Aran:

–       Stock availability (most items are in stock except the customizable collections that are made to measure)

–       Quality guarantees and hassle free products – our consistent product range means that our experiments are very calculated, decreasing as much as possible the chance of faulty problems that could weaken Ideacasa’s brand equity.

–       High stock rotation in showroom means refreshed models on a regular basis

–       Ideacasa is a Member of the Vivendo Group which offers the benefits of efficient back office, centralized customer service and customer guarantees (respected delivery dates etc).


Reasons Why?

Pride of ownership of an Aran kitchen based on at least 4 rational points:

–       Aran is the most exported Italian kitchen in the world

–       Every year >60k families buy an Aran kitchen

–       Eco-sustainability of the brand

–       5 year guarantee


Planning on investing in a new Kitchen? Learn more about what Ideacasa can offer here.




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