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Lean back and think of the future


Sometimes, when the pressures of everyday living get to be just a bit too much, all you really want is a safe corner in your modern world. A place for some stylish ‘me time’. 

BoConcept introduces the Harvard – a recliner for the 21st century.

The new Harvard recliner is the space you’ve been looking for. BoConcept wanted to create a chair that is functional, but also distinctive. A chair that embraces technology without sacrificing comfort. A chair with personality. ‘I looked at the world of automotive design for inspiration,’ says Designer Rene Hougaard, ‘especially the advances being made in trying to create hybrid sports cars – exciting styling combined with clever technology. Like those concept cars, the Harvard is an example of design, quality and functionality combining to create a uniquely modern product.’ Harvard is a chair that looks right at home in a contemporary urban interior and at the same time invites you to relax and indulge yourself.


The luxurious Premium edition – available in electric and battery-operated versions – utilises an innovative space-saving mechanism that keeps the shape lean and sleek. Separate controls for the back and fully extending leg rests are built into the arm, along with a USB port to keep your devices charged. The elegant Essential edition also has a reclining back but is manually-operated; a separate footstool makes it easy to stretch out completely. Both editions include a manual adjustable headrest’, and are available in BoConcept’s range of over 100 fabrics and leathers.

Are you convinced yet? We are! Harvard is part of BoConcept’s Design Sale. You can shop for this wonderful chair now with 15% off till 17th February 2016. Check out BoConcept’s partner profile for further information.


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