Like Houses, Studying is About Finding the Right Location


One of worst struggles for any student is finding the right place to study. Although the university is a place designed for this, actually finding a quiet, comfortable spot with the right amenities is a challenge. The studio, for example, is notorious for being noisy and crowded. The library is fine, but it’s only so until the Christmas holidays end. Afterwards, finding a seat becomes next to impossible.

So you decide to study at home, where you’ll quickly find out that the kitchen isn’t just the most dangerous place in the house; it’s probably the most distracting too. (Especially if you’re a foodie) What about studying in your bedroom? That’s impossible. How can you focus when all you can think of is of huddling up in between the sheets?

To make studying at home work, you need more than just an old table where you can plonk your laptop. You need a place that gives you the space you need to let your ideas and creativity roam about on screen, on paper, and in your imagination. Even after you graduate from university, you sometimes need a space in your house where you can concentrate on the task you’re facing at.


If you’re serious about transforming part of your home into a well-organised, distraction-free and productive study space, then you should consider looking for a professionally designed and fully equipped study space that is aesthetically pleasing and, most importantly, comfortable to work in.

This is what Dex is gunning for. Dex Workspaces is offering the ultimate home study package: Comfort plays a big role in your work efficiency, which is why the Kamos desk and Quick chair duo are ergonomically certified to let you sit comfortably for up to eight hours straight. This desk-and-chair combo is on offer at only €199.


Comfort, concentration and well-being are the foundations of your success at university, career, and life. A professionally and ergonomically designed home study will help you work better for longer and more comfortably, and if you take advantage of the special offer you won’t have to break the bank either. With everything stashed neatly in your home study, you’ll be able to use time of your life more effectively. Furthermore, the right work environment may help with the one thing any student is susceptible to– procrastination!

Want to find out more? Visit the Dex showroom in Qormi and try for yourself the spacious desk and height-adjustable swivel chair with adjustable backrest, arm support, and stable wheelbase.

To find out more about DEX visit their partner profile here for further information about their brands.


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