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Fino - Make More

This year, Veneta Cucine has launched the third edition of the Make More competition. The aim of the initiative is to encourage young designers, developers and makers to develop their creative talents. Veneta Cucine is calling on creative young designers from around the world to measure their talents against the “Made in Italy” skills.

The challenge for this edition is to overcome the barrier between classic and contemporary design by bringing back social and cultural values that belong to the past and putting them into a different light. Veneta Cucine have joined forces with their Maltese partners Fino and The MCAST Institute in Malta to re-establish this connection between the old and the new.

Each of the projects should develop one of more of the following themes:

Re-qualify the traditional functions and all the objects associated with them; this means re-vamping the traditional solutions to adapt them to modern-day living and to the immediate future, in which technology will without doubt play a key role.

Re-design the objects, utensils and accessories used to work in the kitchen, so that space can be used in different ways and at different times, as well as objects which are necessary in the kitchen but not used for cooking and which bring an intangible, emotive and cultural value to the way in which they are used.

Re-create more modern versions of objects, utensils and accessories, re-designing these memories from another era to meet the tastes of the younger generation and the new forms of formal and less formal cohabitation that are becoming increasingly widespread.

Re-discover and re-style objects, utensils and accessories used for a variety of purposes in kitchens around the world, re-designing them in modern versions both as practical utensils and as cult objects which form a part of the international cultural melting-pot.

Re-position and re-design objects, utensils and accessories, including those from other spheres, in alternative sectors of the market but all used in the kitchen, with the firm conviction that culture and business are functionally interdependent.

Re-consider and re-assess objects, utensils and accessories from the “product as a system” viewpoint in which services and communication are integral to the project, in particular as regards their intrinsic significance.

Fino - Make More

Participation is open to all students, project developers, artists, makers, and designers and to non-profit organisations. Each designer – whether individual or in groups – may submit up to three proposals.

The projects deadline is 15 DECEMBER, 2016 (24:00 hrs GMT +02).

1° place: Re-innovation: The First Prize Winner will not only have his designed prototype exhibited at the Salone del Mobile Milano 2017 but also a royalty of 3% in the event that his/her design goes into production! In addition, the project will be professionally photographed during the Exhibition and the author will have access to a 3 month workshop+coworking by MAKERS HUB in Milano.

2°-3°: Re-spect: The Second Prize Winner will showcase his/her prototype at the Salone del Mobile Milano 2017 and benefit from a professional photo session for the product as well as a 3 month subscription to a co-working+workshop programme organized by MAKERS HUB in Milano.

4°-5°-6°: Honourable mentions: The projects awarded with an honurable mention will take part in a one-week Internship at the Veneta Cucine Headquarters in Bicancade, Italy .

Do you have what it takes? For more information, terms and conditions and to submit your designs visit For more information about Fino visit


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