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Discover the latest creation from Mdina Glass the Nero Lantern

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Christmas is coming and as the weather is changing, you might want to cuddle up and get cosy near a fireplace. Sometimes that’s all you want or need this time of year.
To create a cosy place, dimmed lights are the perfect solution.

The Mdina Glass collection of handmade products, made by its specialist craftsmen, includes a myriad items designed to bring light and colour to your home.

With the emphasis on innovative, quality glassware, Mdina Glass has introduced several other product lines, such as their new lanterns.

This new range of Nero Lanterns offers possibilities to give the perfect, original Christmas gift this year!
These beautifully crafted lanterns, encased in a metal frame and finished off with high-grade real leather handles, come in a range of colours and three sizes.
They look fantastic during the day and very romantic and cosy at night when lit with a candle.

The Nero Lanterns are made using the most traditional glass making technique adopted by Mdina Glass;  glassblowing. This is also the technique that they are best known for.
From raw materials, molten glass is created and mouth blown by skilled glassmakers using blowpipes. The glassblowers also use their hands and basic tools to shape the molten glass into vases, bowls or any multitude of shapes. This form of glassmaking is an ancient craft, believed to date back to approximately the last century B.C.

If you want to have a closer look at these beautiful Nero Lanterns, you can visit the Mdina Glass website or any one of the retail shops in Malta and Gozo. Or why not head to the Mdina Glass open week that ends on December 13th with great discounts on handmade glassware. Check out the Mdina Glass Partner Profile for store locations and further information. 


  1. Marla says:

    How do I buy the set of three?

    • Lee D'Amato says:

      Hello Marla,

      You can contact Mdina Glass (a link to their partner profile is in the conclusion).
      Their phone number is 21415786.


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