More to Natuzzi than just sofas and armchairs

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The most obvious things that one misses are generally those in front of one’s eyes. Visitors to the Natuzzi Italia Stores inevitably focus mainly on their main priority : the collection of sofas & armchairs that are displayed in fully accessorised settings.

The professional settings and the  accessories allow the visitor to visualize what could so easily be transported home making life easier not only to select the sofa but also how and with what, to complement it.

The accessories on display  are not just there as props but form part of the Natuzzi product portfolio . They are designed in the main, at the Natuzzi Style Centre by a team of over 100 architects, designers, colourists and interior decorators who combine their efforts towards creating objects of desire and beauty.

In Mr Pasquale Natuzzi’s words :
“every sofa, lamp, piece of furniture and accessory begins here. First comes the shapes and proportions, then the colours and the materials, selected after carefully studying the latest trends in fashion, design and customer needs”

The current Natuzzi Italia portfolio comprises a selection of area rugs that  cover the gamut of floor rugs extant internationally as well as a wide range of innovative table and floor standing lamps combining wood, Murano glass and other materials in a myriad of shapes and designs.

A series of complementary low sofa and side tables with chrome, steel, glass, marble and wood elements combine to give the living area that look that is very often elusive to attain.
Decorative glassware and sculpted porcelain ornaments  have been selected with an eye on their artistic merit and designed and produced by master craftsmen: desired additions to complete your setting and also as a gift of high artistic value for someone you hold dear.

There is even more that you may not have noticed. The collection also includes wall units and cabinets in wood grain finishes and lacquers that combine well with the finishes available for centre and side tables  as well as on several lamp models. Even more, it includes a selection of dining room suites that are at the cutting edge in terms of design and finish: wooden chairs with leather elements and sleek dining tables and cabinets are available in different finishes and sizes .The Fortuna sideboard by Claudio Bellini stands out due to its original design features and delicate colouring.

All this can be found exclusively at FORM in Valley Road, Birkirkara.


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