Out with the old, in with new furniture.

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As the autumn season unfolds and things in nature visibly start to change, a new time of the year comes with a personal desire to do something different. Whether it’s a new haircut, a new outfit, it’s out with the old, in with the new, and this can extend to the internal comforts of your home. By revamping your living space, you can feel like you’re also changing with the seasons, and there is no better way to do this than by redecorating, replacing your furniture, or buying a few new pieces.

In the process, the age-old question of traditional vs modern comes to mind. Going with more classic, traditional furniture gives off the impression of a timeless interior that never goes out of style, while going for something more modern shows you’re not afraid of being bold and embracing present trends. Whichever it is, in Bonaldo’s simple, sleek, and structured designs, beauty meets necessity in their vast range of furniture without sacrificing their unique and elegant style.


Imagine forming part of an expanding family, where siblings start bringing home their partners, and those who are already married start having children. When the whole party gets together for a family dinner or celebration, it’s not unusual to realize that you don’t have enough chairs to have everyone over comfortably. The Bonaldo chair collection also includes a stackable model that combines style with functionality, that deserves a closer look.


Aside from ergonomics, textures are key in creating a specific look. For sophistication that doesn’t come at the expense of originality, dark fabrics or leather chairs are a chance to show off your love for fine detail. And if armchairs are your thing, and you prioritize comfort in the form of safe materials that guarantee utmost relaxation, your innovative touch can come in the form of a chair that is designed to hold you in it as perfectly as a glove.


Renovating is not always about buying the latest pieces that come out, but also about updating and upgrading what you already own based on your changing needs. For example, for a household that receives guests on a regular basis, upgrading your dining room would entail purchasing a new table that can fit all the people that gather around it without leaving anyone standing. Here, functionality turns into ingenuity, as your dining table can be both stylish and practical. A traditional round table with an interesting solid or woodgrain round top can work in both a classic and a modern setting, and deserves further consideration.

If you’re looking for new furniture that complements your needs and style preferences, check out the latest from Bonaldo at Form’s showroom. For more information, you can also visit Form’s Partner Profile here.

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