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Very often, those of us who have problems sleeping, do so because of our lifestyle: And while this isn’t something we can normally change overnight (pardon the pun), there are some elements of our sleep environment that we can.

We spend a third of our day in our bed – and thus a third of our life. So we really shouldn’t underestimate how important it is to choose the right mattress. Here are some suggestions of mattresses specifically designed to cater to certain problems from Buoninfante.

For those who sweat & exercise – X-Bio

The fabric used for this mattress does not absorb sweat so is completely impermeable. Yet it is breathable allowing you to keep col while you sleep. In addition, the special micro-ducts strategically positioned relax your muscles. It is especially ideal for those who work out regularly and have a physically demanding lifestyle.

Ideacasa - Buoninfante - X-bio

For those who are exposed to electronic devices all day – Belltron

Do you spend the better part of your day chained to your laptop, tablet or phone? It is all right – most of us do. As we use electronic devices, the balanced of electrons in our body are disrupted.  Losing this delicate balance can lead to sleeping disorders and headaches. This mattress is especially designed to restore this balance, ensuring that the negative effects of technological devices on your body are mitigated. The antistatic material Beltron, eliminates static electricity preventing the fibres and the human body from electrification.

Ideacasa - Buoninfante - Belltron.pdf

Ideacasa - Buoninfante - Belltron

For those who wake up feeling too hot/cold – Thermic

This is the stuff of memes. You find yourself overheating under your covers and move your leg out from under the sheets. A minute passes, and it gets too cold, so you slip it back in to bask in the warmth – that is until it gets too hot again. It is a downward spiral.

Good news: There is a way out. The ideal temperature of your sleeping environment is said to be between 28 °C to 30 °C, called the comfort zone. The mattress controls the temperature by absorbing and releasing heat and keeping you in the comfort zone. For a continuous night’s sleep, consider changing to a mattress that controls the temperature for you.

Ideacasa - Buoninfante - thermic.pdf

Ideacasa - Buoninfante - thermic

For those who want one made just for them – Alcantara

Buoninfante allows you to create a mattress just as you wish. You can choose from 16 colors for the base, lateral bands, and handles. And it doesn’t just stop at colour. You can also create the most comfortable mattress for you by customising the size, shape, and padding. Having an originally designed mattress will make your bedding much more special for you.

Ideacasa - Buoninfante - Alcantara

Why Buoninfante?

Quality of products made in Italy

Buoninfante is the only company in Italy that produces the independent springs as well as the inner and outer upholstery, fabrics and materials.

Anti-bed bug protection

During the production, packaging and transportation phase, they use techniques that greatly reduce the threat of bed bugs.

Environmentally friendly

Buoninfante uses materials with a low ecological impact, pays attention to the efficient use of energy, and reduces waste during the production and packaging.

Reliable and safe

The entire line of Buoninfante mattresses is made respecting the highest international safety standards for both our customers and the people working on their production.

Ideacasa - Buoninfante - Bel on Alcantara

On 24th November, we got a chance to visit Ideacasa’s holiday event that coincided with the launch of Buoninfante mattresses in Malta. We got to touch and feel the quality of the mattresses. Pictured above is our Operations Manager Annabel on the Alcantara mattress. It was so cozy that she was sorely tempted to lie back and take a short nap.

If you wish to experience the comfort of  a Boninfante mattresses, visit Ideacasa for true quality Italian mattresses in Malta.


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