Partner Spotlight on Boris Arcidiacono

Partner Spotlight : Boris Arcidiacono – tappintomalta’s perfect partner for luxury bedding from Switzerland, featuring super comfy Swedish beds, Norwegian recliners and so much more…

Our mind often tends to look forward – especially in the early hours in the morning, or on our way back home – to the serene, pleasant sensation of relaxing in a chair or, falling onto a comfortable, cozy bed.

For generations, Boris Arcidiacono Ltd has remained the leading catalyst for the ‘Sleep Culture’ within Malta, featuring flagship items that keep them at the head of innovation and steering the market towards excellence. Boris Arcidiacono offers quilts, sheets, recliners, massage chairs, beds, bed linen, bath linen, office furniture, office chairs, and even ergonomic pillows. One testament to their superb quality and relentless detail is the ergomagic pillow, which provides support, softness, individual height adjustment AND temperature control – and all the comfort one can dream of…


Check out Boris Arcidiacono‘s profile, which contains background information, credentials, contact details, images, opening hours, and the location of their retail outlets; detailed parking information is also available.


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