Partner Spotlight on BoConcept

BoConcept - BostonChair -with Lugano

BoConcept  is tappintomalta’s partner for iconic Danish design, creating modern classics that would stand out in any home.

Clothes, manners, and a fine home do not make who you are; but, when they are made, they greatly improve who you are.

..and in the same way we feature partners who take care of your appearance, we put our spotlight on those who are responsible for your home.

Featuring a multitude of furniture for every room you can think of – whether it is the bedroom, with fine, luxurious linen, rugs, and mirrors; the living room, with armchairs and bookcases; the dining room; or even your outdoors, BoConcept will make sure it provides you with everything that you need.

Catering for a variety of styles, ranging from the ultramodern and going back to more classic pieces.

Check out BoConcept‘s profile, which contains background information, credentials, contact details, images, opening hours, and the location of their retail outlets; detailed parking information is also available.


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