Partner spotlight on Vera Sant Fournier – Interior Design


Vera Sant Fournier started back in 2009. Together with her fantastic team she now works with the love and passion for clients, bringing together teams of professionals and the most talented craftsmen. They create visuals to help people see the graphic representation of their thoughts or ideas of their future design.

The designing process takes a lot of time and is not just a simple job that needs to be done mechanically.
“I spend a good amount of time getting to know my clients before actually carrying out work on their premises. I am a firm believer in the personalised approach and feel that a job can never feel complete unless I understand who my client really is, what his/her lifestyle is about and what expectations they have”. – Vera Sant Fournier

apartmentThe team at Vera Sant Fournier Interior Design is completely committed to delivering an excellent level of service. This is part of  their great hallmark and reputation.
The studio at Vera Sant Fournier – Interior Design, is exactly how a design studio should be; adorned with samples of various materials, movement with uplifting & inspirational music, the latest catalogues of the best brands in the industry and walls with barely any blank space. Art everywhere, organised chaos, ringing telephone lines, emails and those long hours of team chats where all put their thinking hats on to bring out the best potential creative new ideas to someone’s home or business. Clients often spend hours on end at the studio, sharing tea and biscuits, laughs as they join us on a journey of self discovery.

Find yourselves the most talented designers to create and design your home interiors. Visit Vera Sant Fournier Interior Design Studio.  Find out more on their partner profile here! 


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