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Ultimate relaxation… How does that sound? Imagine yourselves in the most beautiful paradise you would like to be right now and let your dreams take over reality: And if paradise to you means the warm waters of summertime, you might be longing for ways to warm up during the winter.

Our partner Dolphin Pools is very happy to supply you with your own little paradise from Hot Spring. Discover the warm, soothing, tranquil water in these hot tubs. They are specially designed to get the most out of your relaxation and downtime, to get away from all the stress and to create your own little piece of paradise.

There are many kinds of spas to choose from with different options to suit your home and your budget.
Sizes vary from 2 to 8 seats, in different finishes with optional decks and wonderful massage options.

Speaking of relaxation, Hot Spring has a big variety of jets to add to your personal hot tub. We’re just highlighting the tip of the iceberg:


The next generation of the original Moto-Massage jet, the Moto-Massage DX produces two powerful streams of water that sweep up and down your back. A Hot Spring® Spas exclusive – there is simply nothing like it.


These rotating jets create a powerful stream of moving water, providing a deep massage that relieves tension in targeted areas.


Customize your massage. These soothing jets can be adjusted to direct a powerful stream of water exactly where you need it.


A powerful wide stream of water provides a robust massage to relieve tension in large areas like your shoulders, upper and lower back.

Apart from all of the options you have when it comes to choosing jets, there are many more accessories to add to your spa like sound systems, CoolZone systems to cool your spa or spa side enhancements.

Whether it’s a functional item or pure entertainment, design your spa just as you want!

Our partner Dolphin Pools is happy to provide you with all the info you’d need. Have a look at their partner profile to find out more about their services and how to get in touch.


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