Rethinking Your Bathroom in 2017


When people think of aesthetic homes, the bathroom tends to be the last place their mind goes to, even though this room is essential to any house.

Revamping the restroom to be a statement of your personality should be your starting design project, and following these trends in 2017 is bound to make your task easier.



Maximize by minimalizing:

The minimalist design that has been going strong in every aspect of modern aesthetics is still going in 2017. In our age of information overload, this is one of the best ways to make any room feel like it’s a break from all the clutter. A bathroom that contains the essentials, and has slick, clean designs that open up the space is a timeless style you can never go wrong with.

Don’t be afraid to accessorize:

leather holder  120-2 con luce

On the other hand, if the new year makes you crave change, the first step to renovating is mastering the art of accessorizing. This does not necessarily entail any grandeur, and it can even start from a subtle leather texture lining your toothbrush holder, or having an extendable mirror in addition to your main one. The key is in the details.

Take new lighting perspectives:

A rising trend in 2017 for bathrooms is to introduce new and extra sources of light within the room, that put emphasis on different parts of the room. This has the added bonus of being, in a way, practical; Different lighting can mean having the luxury of choosing between softer lighting, perfect for a warm bath, or putting on a light better suited for styling hair and makeup. Choice is always valued.

Add a touch of natural life:

josies crisp white 2

With the rise of everything being eco-friendly, organic, and natural, what better way to evoke this trend than by adding a small plant or vase of flowers to your bathroom? It also counts as a creative accessory or point of interest to the room, making it feel fresh and more lively to be in.

Dare to create contrast:


If you want to go even further with your renewing and experimenting this year, go for alternations between light and dark furniture, creating a contrast within the room and making this become a bold statement of your desire to do something different.

Don’t leave the accents to the foreigners:


Much like adding accessories to spice things up a little, having an eccentric or eye-catching statement piece within the room can make all the difference between a boring bathroom and one that shows flare. Choose a coloured sink, an area with an edgy patterned tile, or a textured wall to stand out.

For recreating this space, visit Josie’s Bathroom Centre, where you can better decide on your next step and on the right pieces for you and your bathroom.


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