Seamlessly sleek

Seamless - Hanex - fishbowl

A seamless, solid acrylic surface is an ideal choice because of its beauty, durability, aesthetics, design flexibility, and colour choices. The surfaces are crafted from a unique blend of acrylic resins and natural materials, allowing the material to be cut, shaped and formed to fit a range of designs.

Best of all, unlike other surfacing materials, these Solid Surfaces can be used in many applications where sanitation is of utmost importance, such as retail kitchens, hospitals, laboratories, playrooms, schools, public restrooms, workspaces as well as your domestic bathroom and kitchen. They can be fabricated and installed in almost any application with invisible seams, making this product a truly “solid” surfacing material. They further reveal their flexibility and usability on integrated sinks and backsplashes by combining beauty, design, and practicality.

Throughout the years, solid surfaces have established themselves as an attractive, cost-effective, and easily installable product, and no one has done this better than Hanex Solid Surfaces.

The surface is non-porous and with periodic maintenance – just a quick wipe down with a damp cloth – Hanex Solid Surfaces maintain their original beauty for years. Most importantly, they can be repaired and restored to their original condition, unlike other surfacing materials.

Available in over 60 colours, you can find Hanex surfaces exclusively at Seamless Solid Surfaces in Qormi.


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