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Visit BoCOncept in San Gwann to see the Boston.

Sleek and soft seat

BoConcept - BostonChair -Green

The new Boston chair stands tall and slim in the living room, but in fact it was the softest things such as cushions, duvets and pillows that inspired designer Henrik Pedersen to create a new iconic chair design for furniture retailer BoConcept. The Boston chair is like 20 small cushions arranged in a way so they support you perfectly while still maintaining the elegant sleek lines.  It is almost like a super soft puzzle that runs from the tall slim back all the way down to the curvy, enveloping seat.

The Boston chair is available in more than 100 different fabrics and leathers and there is also a Boston footstool available.


Come in and see the Boston chair at BoConcept in San Gwann.




  1. Danno says:

    Sleek indeed..

  2. Carmen says:

    Over 100 different fabrics? Wow

    • Hi Carmen! Glad you like the Boston chair! If you wish to see the different fabrics and leathers on the Boston chair, please feel free to visit us at the BoConcept showroom in San Gwann. We’ll be very happy to guide you through the options.


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