Small Spaces, Smart Living


As living spaces seem to shrink but the demands of modern living grow, it can be hard to find the right balance that provides you with both the space and comfort you need. The solution? Don’t just live smaller; Live smarter.

BoConcept wants to help customers make the most out of their space – no matter what size. In fact, for their 2017 catalogue, they’ve designed two very different interiors for the space within a 48m2 apartment. With this, they present two very distinct scenarios, and show practical style examples of how to turn a small space into a functional and exciting home that suits the owner’s lifestyle.

In the first scenario, they envision a younger couple creating their first home together. Seeking to maximize their minimal space, they would opt for a relaxed, casual and comfortable apartment. While the use of whites and toned-down shades makes rooms look bigger, using furniture effectively is crucial. To make the most out of what they have, they can introduce a Stockholm sofa bed, a classic example of the practicality of multifunctional furniture. This is ideal since it allows two necessities to be met by one piece when space is at a premium.


For the couple who works from home, a wall-mounted Cupertino desk with a fold-up writing surface means they can still have a small home office without having to sacrifice a lot of room. For when they need more room to fit in more people, Oslo folding chairs mean that guests will always have a place to sit.


The second scenario features an apartment with a much more urban and refined feel. The client is perhaps a couple who are down-sizing and looking to create a sophisticated look. Here, an Indivi 2 sofa in luxurious cognac leather makes a statement and is sure to be the centerpiece of the whole space. In order to maximize space, the innovative Mezzo bed includes plenty of room for storage, while the clever Rubi coffee table converts into a dining table and even folds out to make room for more surface area.


Whatever the circumstances you find yourself in, when you want to be functional without having to sacrifice comfort and luxury, you have one space, but two solutions – keep it small, but keep it smart.

Visit BoConcept at their showroom in San Gwann, for a personalized consultation and free interior design service, and for more details, you can also look at BoConcept’s partner profile.


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