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Take proper care of your body: Take your sitting seriously

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You might want to stand up for this.  Around 150000 years ago, sitting was the last thing on our mind. We have moved away from hunting, chasing prey, and running from predators to a more sophisticated, but sedentary lifestyle. Now, these activities are only viewed on the telly while we sit in our lounge. I myself do this, and I am guilty of adding snacks and wine to the equation. Often my itinerary for the weekend goes from running a marathon to watching a marathon of TV show episodes.

I was not ecstatic when I discovered that studies show how, while sitting, calorie burn drops down to 1 per minute, and enzymes that break down fat drop by 90%, leading to obesity and other related diseases. More importantly, sitting puts a ton (40% more, to be accurate) of stress on your back, and your spine does not take kindly to the treatment.

Those who, like me, are chained to their desks at work, try to find time for physical activity later in the day. Many opt for an hour at the gym, some go to an aerobics class, and others take a more natural approach and go for a jog or a brisk walk. But, at the end of the day, we all look forward to getting home and sprawling out on our comfiest chair to unwind. While activity is important having seating that supports and helps you relax in a healthy manner is just as crucial. After all, research has proven that activity does not negate the effects of sitting on our musculature, and this is especially true if the chair you use is inadequate.

Ample evidence shows that being able to adjust the biomechanics of the recliner can dramatically reduce musculoskeletal symptoms. Boris Arcidiacono have a selection of recliners and office chairs designed to minimise the negative effects of sitting. They have had a long association with Stressless®, the Norwegian brand, specializing in blending aesthetic appeal with ergonomics, and where comfort is a promise fulfilled.


The unique internal back and neck mechanism in  Stressless recliners embraces and supports your body like nothing else out there. What makes Stressless® recliners unique?

·         Almost every model comes in 3 sizes

·         Their Body flow movement means that no motors or electrical wiring is required

·         Selection of different leathers, wood base finish and colours to suit everyone’s taste

·         Separate stool that can be moved back and forth depending on individual height

·         Adjustable headrest for sleep mode


The ultimate comfort feeling is individual and personal to everyone. Differing needs is exactly why Boris Arcidiacono encourage all their customers to try out the Stressless® before they make their final decision.  This ensures that you will find a recliner with the right size and feel. We can guarantee that it will be time well spent. A Stressless® recliner is after all an investment for many years to come.

Stop in, and take a seat, at Boris Arcidiacono on Tower Road in Sliema and be amazed how you can better your comfort while you are seated.


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