The Spa tub you can move anywhere around your home

Form - Softub

If you don’t have one already, I’m sure you imagine it  often: A space in your home, probably right next to your bedroom or ensuite, where you have your own little spa. It is a seamless way to soothe your nerves, relieve stress, and relax. I myself being a bit of a claustrophobe am more keen on the idea of having a spa tub next to a pool outside, sipping from a glass of wine, with music in the background, and breathing in the cool air as the sun sets. For those who like a bit of both, or want to avoid the tedious hassle that comes with installing a fixed spa pool, you can opt for the ‘softub’ – amazing portable luxurious hot tubs which need no preparation whatsoever. Below are its most notable features.



The softub is delivered to your doorstep packaged; then, you can simply roll it over to the spot where you would like to set it up. Step two is to connect the tub to the Hydromat (shaped like a cylinder). Fill the tub with water, plug it in, close the thermal cover and, once heated, hop in!

Form - Softub

The Whisper Hydromate

The hydromate unit contains the spa’s pump, motor, and heater. Energy efficient and equipped with whisper technology, the softub is the quietest spa in the world, allowing you to enjoy hours of relaxation in soothing silence.

The Ozonator

Step into crystal clear, turquoise water every time you take a dip thanks to the embedded ozonator that ensures the water remains clean.

Intelligent design

If the smartchip senses fluctuations in voltage, all of the spa’s electronic components are automatically shut off. The softub restarts automatically once everything is back to normal.

Total Control

Alter the temperature, the intensity of the water jets and the lighting of the tub using a waterproof, user-friendly control panel embedded into the hydromate.


No matter how old you may be, the feeling of the water’s pressure against your body is one of the best aspects of any spa. Change the direction and intensity of the jet to tailor your very own individual massage experience.


LEDs integrated into the spa, allow you to change their intensity and colour from the control panel. Opt for an auburn dim hue for a warm and soothing experience, or a cool blue to unleash your creativity and tackle a problem. Lighting is a vital element to hydrotherapy, and these different light modes enhance the spa’s medical applications.

Form - Softub

Contact FORM and take a look at the different models available. Go to their partner profile for more information and contact details.



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