When putting your house on the market, it is crucial to make sure it is sold at the highest value possible. While upgrading may seem illogical or, at the very least, bothersome, this makes sure your home does not lag in the market and it is always very rewarding. Maximising your time and effort is however just as important. By focusing on two key spaces within one’s home – known to real estate agents as the ‘make it or break it’ focal points, your home’s value will soar.

Number 3: Your Outdoor space

Ideacasa - outdoor

Swimming Pool - Dhalia

Renovating a home’s landscape radically increases its value on the market. Creating a functional outdoor space, screening from neighbours and busy roads, implementing landscape lighting, plants, and building walkways will all cause the value of your home to soar.

The emergence of open-plan design and living has motivated many to open their interior spaces and connect them with outdoor areas. In Malta, decks, porches, and patios have become as important as our interior living room. Ask any real estate agent, and they will tell you that, by creating space outdoors, you make your home more attractive – this is known as creating ‘virtual’ space.

But, when it comes to outdoor spaces, adding dimension is key. Without any framing, whether it comes in the form of walls, fences, or ceilings, your outdoors may look flat.

Number 2: The Master Bath



The master bath is the interior space where a lot of value can be added during a sale – it is also the second most closely inspected room by buyers. A sparkling master bath with clean lines, modern, neutral grey schemes, and upgrades such as dual vanities and bath tubs are guaranteed to enchant open-house goers.

When planning to upgrade your interior spaces, two considerations are important: your neighbourhood and, more importantly, your target buyer. Although a tinge of novelty works wonders, do not stray too far away from the designs of surrounding homes. Furthermore, keep in mind the design, colour schemes, and upgrades buyers are looking out for.

Creating a bathroom that tugs at buyers’ heartstrings can be a challenge, but hiring an interior designer and a good real estate agent from a renowned company such as Dhalia will ensure that the best choices are made.


Number 1: The Kitchen

Kitchen - Dhalia

If you’re in a high end market, it is imperative that your kitchen is up-to-date, well-equipped, and inviting. It is in the kitchen that people spend most of their time. Whether it is to entertain friends over a glass of wine or talking through your day with family, this is the place that will ‘make or break’ your home’s perceived value. Repaint cabinets and hardwood floors, change out hardware, replace the backsplash and lights, and install porcelain countertops. Research shows that adding a kitchen island and an oversized, stainless steel hood goes a long way to imbuing your kitchen with a luxurious appeal. For more ideas on which kitchen designs are most appealing, check this post.

Are you thinking about putting your home up for sale ? Contact Dhalia for a consultancy from experts to ensure that your upgrades maximise the value of your home.


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