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Ideacasa is helping us navigate February’s cold weather with massive discounts

It holds hands with January, and walks side by side with December. Like its precursors, February is a challenge for the best of us. Letting go of the comfort and warmth found in our bedrooms is a monumental challenge (one which I struggle with). It is a bit of a sad affair, but the team at Ideacasa want to mend our broken hearts with a fantastic collection of bedrooms.

We can’t stay in bed, no, but you can make certain that, at the end of your day, when exhaustion starts to weigh you down, and stress clouds your thoughts, you go back home and open the door to a space you love.

Ideacasa’s splendid range of designer finished beds guarantees that you’ll find something that compliments your style perfectly.

Bedrooms from Rossetto



For over fifty years, Rossetto has been at the forefront of fine Italian interiors. This bedroom blends the aesthetic appeal of the industrial while creating a sublime, natural feel with its soft brown hues. Finish: thermo-treated Oak veneer. For this month, get 45% back on your purchase or a 30% discount on this bedroom.

Siloma kids, teenagers, and main bedrooms


siloma one_n

An opportunity to get yourself a fantastic, high quality designer finished bedroom complete with a 6 door hinged wardrobe with Easy W handles, 2 So-Easy bedside tables, 2 So-Easy tall drawer units (all inclusive of soft closing) and a beautiful Slim bed all covered in microfibre fabric (inclusive of slats). Finish: Vintage

Kids bedroom – Marco


It is not all about the adults, Siloma’s collection for teenagers and kids comes with one aim: to unlock the imagination, nurture creativity, and give space for individuality. The kid’s bedroom set is available in different finishes and colours, designed for individual room specifications.

Teenage bedroom


Siloma Teenage bedroom, composed of bed, hanging bedside table, storage boxes, open shelving units with incorporated desk area and 4 door hinged wardrobe. Finishes: Noce, Zucca, Verde Young and Seta.

For this month, get 45% back on your purchase or a 30% discount on featured Siloma bedrooms.

Ideacasa’s designer collection




Dedalo bed in Olmo Natura and upholstered headboard in Fango imitation leather, Graffiti 2 door sliding wardrobe, 2 Segno bedside tables, a Segno chest of drawers inclusive of soft closing and a round mirror make up this simply beautiful bedroom. Finish: Olmo Natura




One of the most distinctive bedrooms in the collection, and a personal favourite: it features a 3 door sliding wardrobe in Olmo Natura and mirrored side doors, 2 Inverter bedside tables, an Invertor chest of drawers and bed in Olmo Natura structure with upholstered headboard in white imitation leather (inclusive of bed slats). The curved lines on the upholstered headboard contrasts with the white faux leather and wood materials.




Contrasts the shine white laquer with soft, wooden hues to create a uniquely serene, calming atmosphere. The wallpaper makes it a distinct favourite. Finish: Noce Tabacco finish with matt lacquer Orzo

For the month of February, benefit from a 40% discount on Ideacasa’s bedrooms collection. Every bedroom must come with a mattress, and Ideacasa get theirs from Italy’s best company: Bouninfante. For February, you can get the mattress Alicia at a 40% discount.

Hop over their showroom, take a look at their vast collection of bedrooms, and check out their range of mattresses.

Hurry, this promotion lasts only until the end of February.


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