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Total living by Natuzzi at the 2015 Furniture Fair, Milan

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Natuzzi Italia returns to the most important stage for home design and furniture: the International Furniture Fair, with a dedicated stand.

The Apulian company grows, innovates and renews itself: innovation has always been one of the distinguishing features of the brand; it is part of its DNA and is seen at its best in this year’s “iconic” product, the Re-Vive armchair. Re-Vive is the world’s first and only recliner capable of adapting to the body and reacting intuitively and fluidly to even the most imperceptible movements, guaranteeing unprecedented comfort and an extraordinary ability to blend design and function to create harmonious living in any home.

The Re-vive Armchair also embodies another of Natuzzi’s favourite concepts, the “Harmony Maker“: Re-vive creates a general sense of harmony, a feeling of complete well being and comfort. In a world of turmoil where noise and clamour reign, Re-vive allows you to completely disconnect, to just stop, contemplate and enjoy your free time while you recharge.

The Harmony that distinguishes all the Natuzzi total living range draws its inspiration from home territory: Apulia, a southern Italy region. This land, with which the company maintains strong and vital links, is essential for understanding the essence that has always animated and identified the brand. The welcoming spirit that characterises Apulia, now a chic and estimated international travel destination, has always been the outstanding feature of this company. It is the distinctive element of its identity. The relationship between Apulia and this brand is continuous: the spirit of the company’s homeland, felt in its warm and discreet hospitality, pervades customers’ homes naturally, bringing authentic and refined beauty to living spaces. Materials and colours are imbued with symbolic value and create on-going connections.

A land that expresses the essence of Natuzzi, refined in all its facets during the course of a long and meticulous brand identity campaign. This involved the creation of an alphabet of visual codes, distinguishing the brand that will be introduced during this Event. The reminders of natural landscapes and tradition are everywhere, combining and harmonising with High End Design and Innovation, which has always been emblematic of this brand.

Since its beginning in 1959, this Italian company, the leading and most well-known furniture brand globally among luxury consumers – according to research by Ipsos Lagardère in 2013 – has symbolised innovation and style, focusing its attention on achieving the best stylistic solutions, as well as comfort and harmony. A recognisable and unmistakable stylistic element found throughout the history of the company and in the products that will be presented at the Fair: the “Harmony Maker” concept, present in a wide range of products, is mindful of today’s increasingly diversified homemaking requirements. It puts the consumer’s need for spatial and environmental harmony at the centre of each product.

Harmony is therefore the main theme of the Natuzzi collection, perfectly in line with the group’s mission, which is to create harmonious living spaces for its clients. The colours, fabrics, sofas, armchairs, beds, dining room tables and furniture accessories combine to create complete looks allied with sensible solutions, helping us to live better but also meeting the standards of even the most refined tastes. Design and function are combined to obtain maximum functionality. The new models are light and elegant, comfortable and beautiful. A visually pleasant quality also found in the variety of intentionally neutral colours of the whole new collection. A selection resulting from our desire to recreate a habitat with a unique and refined style whose beauty is mellow and laid-back and whose strength is in its equilibrium. The colour combinations are chosen to induce relaxation, while small lively touches emerge from the accents, achieved by bright colour details.

There are three basic colours: red Marsala, powder blue and grey-green. Chocolate brown, dark brown, camel and taupe also play important roles.

Leather coverings continue to be synonymous with Natuzzi quality and craftsmanship, having been standard bearers for the company’s manufacturing quality for over 50 years. But in this field there is no lack in new high level proposals. Take the Cuero for instance, the main innovation of the 2015 Furniture Fair: a completely new, highly innovative cover that goes beyond the traditional concept of leather or fabric. Similar to chamois, it is resistant yet soft, heralding a revolution in the world of sofa covers.

The range of fabrics is also enriched, they all go through a particular treatment that gives them a delightful softness and fluffiness.

The new Natuzzi Italy 2016 collection appearing at the Fair contains the full range of products for living room and day and night zones, as well as the new Re-Vive Wing Back Armchair. At the top level there are high quality products such as the Long Beach sofa, designed by Claudio Bellini. Long Beach is a decidedly modern sofa with soft shapes and is introduced for the first time in Milan in the sectional version, with corner and wooden accessories (coffee table and low bookcase), completely integrated with the sofa.

Iago sofa, features squared and linear shapes that harmonize with the sinuosity of the soft padding for an amazing aesthetic result. And Philo sofa, with its unmistakable style, refined quilting and specially-shaped metal feet that give it a modern and elegant aspect are two other excellent products that can be discovered in these days in Milan.

Svevo and Holly sofas, created in collaboration with the excellent Studio Memo, perfectly blend the contemporary and the timeless. And finally Aplomb, developed directly by the Natuzzi Style Centre is a unique piece, a sofa endowed with casual style and elegance. The perfect choice to dignify informal living rooms or add a bit of flair to more sober rooms.

There is also space for the night zone, with a new bed being presented at the Fair: Fenice, created by the pencil of designers Bernhardt and Vella. This is the star of the night zone, distinguished by its generous headboard, luxuriously soft pillows, and the geometrical detail of the join between the head and the frame.

Regarding new offerings in the living area, the leading product is the wall unit Kubika, inspired by modern art and innovative architecture. Kubika main features are the great mix of materials and its infinite possible configurations, making this piece of furniture ideal for both wide and small spaces

But in this edition visitor’s eyes will be focused above all on the dining room area that will play a key role in the course of the Event; Natuzzi has found its link with Expo through the day line and the promotion of food as a currency for personal well-being and harmony with surroundings. The new Accademia table and the Sonata  chair will be introduced with the same line, but the great news is represented by the table accessories – runners, plates, glasses and cutlery – boasting refined design and Mediterranean style. The plates were designed by Bottega Dal Monaco, a long-time ambassador for the excellent craftsmanship of Grottaglie ceramics. This famous Apulian centre is known for its ceramics all over the world. Natuzzi has thought of everything, now you can sit down and enjoy.

To view the full Natuzzi range available to Malta, pay a visit to Form in Valley Road, Msida and let the experts help you re-create these harmonious looks for your interiors.


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