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Last week I had the pleasure of meeting Nicholas Verschueren, Export Manager for Belgian rug company, Limited Edition, during his flying visit to Malta over Easter weekend.  The company specializes in producing handmade rugs of any colour and design imaginable.  They supply rugs to designer brands Hugo Boss, Burberry and Ralf Lauren amongst others.

IT :  Nicholas, can you tell me about Limited Edition, how did it all start?

N :  It all started with “boarders”.  25 years ago, the trend in Northern Europe was for wall-to-wall fitted carpets.  The founder of the company, Katia Dewitte, who was at the time working for a carpet company, came up with the idea of producing a rug with a finished border that could be laid under a dining table or coffee table.  Her boss at the time was not really interested in the new concept and told her that there was no market for such a rug.  So she decided to quit, bought a sewing machine and started making her own boarders, specifically for rugs.  Carpet manufacturers eagerly bought the borders and the rug as we know it today, came onto the market.

Eventually, she began to design her own rugs, in entirety, bought a weaving mill and started weaving flat woven rugs.

Her brother, James Dewitte,  joined the business, bringing with him economic and business expertise, and thus Limited Edition was born.


IT:  What is Limited Edition today?

N:  Today, Limited Edition employs 150 people and produces an enormous range of rugs, from leather rugs to hand woven and hand tufted rugs, ranging in price from 70 Euros per square metre to 700 Euros per square metre, catering to every need a customer may have. 

IT : What makes Limited Edition unique?

N:  Limited Edition have their own dye and yarn factory, which means that together with the skills and knowledge which have been accumulated over the years, we are able to produce a rug in the exact colour, size, pattern and border that the client wishes. We dye the yarns and produce the rugs to the highest quality 100% in Belgium.  No aspect of the production is out-sourced.

IT : Nicholas, I can see dozens of beautiful samples here of tufts in different lengths and a vast range of colours.  It looks a little daunting to the amateur interior designer:  Where does a customer start in designing a rug?

N:  We have designers on hand to help the customers design their rug, alternatively they may bring their own designer or architect into LOFT to assist them.

IT:  An interesting Limited Edition product for customers living in Malta is the outdoor or patio rug; this must surely be a new market for a rug company?

N:  We are finding that customers are spending more time in their homes, relaxing and entertaining friends, and for those with outdoor space, that space is viewed as an extension of their dining room or lounge.  Limited Edition has developed a range of rugs designed specifically for the outdoors.  UV and weather proof, the patio rugs are made of 100% polypropylene and are easy to clean.  Just use a hose to wash down the rug and leave to dry outdoors; they are also non-shrink and the colour will not fade.  Pool side rugs are also made from PVC yarns and customers can add a stripe in any colour, co-ordinating with outdoor furniture.

We are also seeing a trend where these outdoor rugs are being used indoors, for example under dining tables; the benefit of this is that if anything is spilt on the rug, it can be very easily cleaned.


Nicholas assured me that the colour of outdoor patio and poolside rugs will not fade even under the fierce Maltese sunshine!  An innovative, modern concept, yet extremely practical particularly for the coming summer months when we will all be spending the majority of our time outdoors.

Standard size and bespoke Limited Edition rugs are available in Malta exclusively at LOFT, Naxxar. Delivery time to Malta is approximately 6 weeks.


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