Good taste is something that is usually perceived to be innate, it is the reflection of our personality. It is subjective and is reflected in all areas of our lives. It is linked to good forms of behavior, education, order, moderation and harmony.

Previously, and until very recently, good taste in interior decoration was associated with straight lines, order, and symmetry, but now all of this has changed. Now it is harder to pigeon hole what is good taste in this field.

According to the dictionary, it is good or discerning judgement, especially with regard to what is aesthetically pleasing, fashionable, polite, or socially appropriate.There are those who think that this has its origin in the bourgeoisie of the middle ages when it was the aristocrats who imposed the ideas of what was beautiful.


But at FORM, they believe that taste is something that can be acquired. It is agradual process that is reached if you are interested, strive for excellence and persist.The difference between one house and another is the interior. Has it ever happened that you see two houses that are identical on the outside and differ completely on the inside?

Any house can become a beautiful home if you know how to dress it well. Each house is unique and has its own style.


With FORM you will be able to find thatstyle. They will guide you how to make your home into a collection of spaces, brimming with style and elegance, while at the same time, putting your own stamp on them. This can be done with the use of colour, texture and even the introduction of family heirloom pieces that you might not have thought would integrate into your stylish new interior.

As we have said before, good taste is something that can be learnt and FORM love nothing more than being able to assist you in achieving the home of your dreams.

Make an appointment with their interiors experts to experience a whole new way of looking at your home.


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