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What is the secret to a good night’s sleep?


I’ve caught sight of a few posts on my social media timelines lately with the headline “Why women need more sleep than men”. While I don’t dispute that claim, I think one thing is even more true and that is that we all generally need more sleep than I believe the majority of us get.

Sleep is the most restorative and regenerative process that our bodies go through on a daily basis. A good night’s sleep sets us up for good physical and mental health. But when it comes to sleep, quality ranks very highly with quantity.  I’ve been monitoring my own sleep patterns over the last month and was surprised to find that on average, only 85% of my sleep is restful, no matter how many hours I get in.

Boris Arcidiacono

I attribute my restlessness to moments of discomfort where the pressure of my mattress compels me to turn to find a more comfortable position. It is very common for pressure points – where the mattress presses against your body – to trigger discomfort, forcing you to shift position. This tossing and turning disturbs your sleep. Having the right mattress can easily avoid this happening. The market is now full of “memory foam” mattresses that claim to be able to alleviate this, and other sleep problems. However, the pioneer and leader in this sector is without doubt TEMPUR®.

All TEMPUR® mattresses provide:

  • Precise, body conforming support for personalised comfort
  • Fewer pressure points for less tossing and turning
  • Less motion transfer between partners, for undisturbed sleep
  • Long lasting, even support
  • Easy maintenance, with no flipping or turning and most covers can be removed for easy washing
  • Cover fabrics meet Oeko-Tex® 100 standards, meaning they have been tested for harmful substances
  • Peace of mind with our 15 year warranty

Boris Arcidiacono - Tempur

The philosophy at TEMPUR®, is that whatever your shape, size or age, your mattress should contour to the exact shape of your body, not the other way around. They have three distinct mattress collections, each feeling uniquely different, but all designed to conform and adapt to the exact shape of your body.  Those three collections are the Original Collection, the Cloud Collection and the Sensation Collection.

Original Collection

Designed for a firmer feel. Their firmest, most conforming mattresses precisely adapt to your shape to cushion and support you. Mattresses in this collection feature the original TEMPUR® material – their breakthrough technology derived from NASA.

Cloud Collection

Designed for a softer feel. This collection offers an innovative balance of softness combined with superior support. TEMPUR® Cloud™ mattresses all feature TEMPUR Extra Soft™ material on top to instantly cushion and cradle you, while layers of the unique TEMPUR material beneath add body conforming support.

Sensation Collection

Designed for ease of movement. The TEMPUR® Sensation Mattress Collection provides the freedom of movement you may experience on more traditional spring mattresses, but with the amazing comfort and support that only TEMPUR can provide. A High Mobility™ technology layer supports you lightly, so you can easily move about, while TEMPUR materials gently conform and adapt to your shape.

My Verdict

But why opt for TEMPUR® when there are so many others out there on the market? Well if all the features we have mentioned above aren’t enough, my personal experience should help to convince you. I have been sleeping on a generic memory foam mattress for the last 8 years. I have to admit that when I lie down initially after a long day, I feel comfort and relief. However, this slowly starts to wear off as I struggle to find a comfortable position.  The fact is that most of the imitation products are generally made of lower density foam which results in their support lasting far less than that of TEMPUR®. I was fortunate enough to make an actual comparison after spending just 1 night at a friend’s house on a TEMPUR® mattress. The difference in how rested I felt the following morning was quite remarkable.  I literally felt as if I had been sleeping in suspension, with no aches and pains from pressure points.

Brois Arcidiacono - Tempur Pressure Points

If you are longing for a more restful sleep and want to try out a TEMPUR® mattress, visit the Boris Arcidiacono showroom on Tower Road in Sliema. Get ready to kick your shoes off and lie back to feel the difference. Their sleep experts will guide you through selecting the right option for you.


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