What makes a house a home?

LOFT - Flamant - Welcome home

Having lived in almost a dozen houses or apartments in my lifetime, I can really count on one hand how many of these have felt like a home.  Those abodes where I’ve felt like kicking off my shoes as soon as I get through the door and curling up in the warmth. Or the ones where I could anticipate a whole weekend of activity without leaving their confines.  Evocative fragrances, familiar faces and comfortable surroundings combined in the right quantities create the perfect recipe called Home.

Ultimately, Home is a feeling of warmth and security where we can escape from everything going on in the “outside world”.  The home environment is one that is welcoming, real and harmonious: probably the place where we are most inclined to be truest to ourselves and where all masks are shed the moment we walk through the door.

LOFT - Flamant - Hallway

This is the vision of Home that is shared and extolled by Belgian interiors company Flamant.  “We recreate that essence of ‘home’ by reinventing the past and adapting it to contemporary standards, with authenticity, harmony and hospitality as our core values and the family traditions as a main source of inspiration. That warm encounter of the classical and the modern defines the Flamant signature. Evoking a feeling of familiarity, genuineness and purity, our pieces are created with respect for craftsmanship, using natural quality materials sourced from small workshops all over the world.”

LOFT - Flamant - Family dining

As the evolution of a family antiques shop, Flamant was born out of the desire to bring antique furniture and decorative pieces into more contemporary living. This perfect blend between past and present has been the main driver behind Flamant’s success and growth both within Belgium and now on an international scale.

LOFT - Flamant - Memories

“Each Flamant product has a unique story and is the result of a journey of inspiration and creation, of a remarkable gathering of ideas of the Flamant team and local artisans. Century old techniques thereby get modern applications, combining traditional craft and modern design, to result in charismatic pieces with a timeless quality.”

LOFT - Flamant - Have a drink           LOFT - Flamant - Kid's bedroom            LOFT - Flamant - Home comfort

That same feeling of homeliness comes across the moment you walk into LOFT furnishings boutique in Naxxar. As the sole representatives for Flamant in Malta, and true brand ambassadors, the team at LOFT have created that true comfort of Home for their customers.

Pay them a visit or drop them a line to organise an appointment and find out how they can recreate the “authenticity, harmony and hospitality” of Flamant in your home.


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