What’s the secret Ideacasa has been keeping?

Ideacasa Division_cs6041-F

It is often said that nothing in life is free. But just imagine, walking into a shop and being handed a gift by the sales assistant. And not just a token sample gift, but something beautiful and timeless that you yourself picked up off the shelf.

Well I’ll let you into a secret, this place exists and I will tell you all about it if you promise not to let on to anyone else.

This month Ideacasa is giving away an incredible gift. Imagine buying your living room furniture, and finishing off the look with all the accessories thrown in for free.  Or even better, how about buying your dream kitchen and getting your kids’ bedroom furniture for pretty much next to nothing.  Impossible you say? Absolutely not I say!

Ideacasa prodotto_cucina_volare_1

This month you can get 45% off any purchase you make at Ideacasa to spend again in store or at Quadra.  That is 45 % of the value of your purchase to spend on more to adorn your home.

During January you can pop into Ideacasa from Monday to Friday, 9.30 till 19:00!  Alternatively, visit them on one of their two Open weekends on the 14/15 & 28/29 January, with the showroom till 15:00.

So now the cat is out of the bag, make sure you get to Ideacasa before everyone else finds out!


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