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Henri - Floral Mugs - Teapot & Cup 2

Amongst the wide variety of unique gift ideas at HENRI Luxury Gift Boutique you will find a great selection of tableware that range from the quirky, the cute, the humorous, the elegant and the vibrant… but the common denominator is quality and idiosyncratic design.

Case in point are these new, bold flowered patterns that really stand out and catch the eye.  The range includes tea cups, espresso cups, mugs and even an individual tea cup & teapot set.  Their vibrant floral prints are classic yet contemporary thanks to the bright colours and large bold flowers.  The crisp white interior surface, accented with a single flower adds that extra little je ne sais quoi that any avid tea or coffee drinker will love.

Henri - Floral Mugs - Mugs 2

But would you opt for a tea cup or a mug?  Purists would argue that tea should only ever be brewed in a pot and served in a tea cup on top of a saucer.  For some, mugs are only ever to be used for the likes of instant coffee and hot chocolate.  Any Italian will tell you that coffee is either short and strong served in an espresso cup, or large and milky and more at home in something that closely resembles a tea cup and saucer.

Henri - Floral Mugs - Tea cups

I can see justification in all these arguments.  But my preference is always based on my mood.  There are those days when my home is totally spic and span, the spring sun is streaming through the windows on a Sunday morning, and nothing seems more appropriate than carefully brewing a small pot of chai tea, laying out a cup and saucer and slowly sipping cup after cup.  On other colder, cosier days, nothing beats making myself a nice hot steaming mug of good old English Breakfast tea, that I can nurse for ages between my cold hands.  After a lovely meal round my dinner table with friends, only a good strong coffee served in an espresso cup on a saucer will do to create the right impression.

Henri - Floral Mugs  - Espresso cups

What’s your preference?  Whether looking for the perfect mug for your night time herbal infusion, a gift for your tea-loving friend or the perfect tea-set to host the ultimate afternoon tea party, HENRI has it all.

Henri - Floral Mugs  - Mugs

View their partner profile here to find out about their locations or to visit their website or Facebook page and see more of their fun and functional tableware collections.


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