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When is ‘great’ GREAT?


BoConcept Design Icons showcase classic products.
What is an icon? What makes something the best example of its kind? When does a piece of furniture transcend the everyday and become something truly special?


When discerning consumers, faced with a nearly endless array of options, give their seal of approval – as they’ve done with the BoConcept Design Icons. These products – including the Adelaide and Imola chairs, the Mezzo sofa, the Milano table and the Cupertino desk – are perfect examples of BoConcept’s decades-long commitment to design, quality and functionality. They are global best-sellers, market tested heroes, products with a proven track record in the modern home. These quintessential pieces of furniture are more than just great design – they’re BoConcept Design Icons.

Discover BoConcept Design Icon no. 1 – the Imola Chair.


Take a closer look. That’s how designer Henrik Pedersen finds his inspiration – by seeing things up close. See the elegance of its form and the graceful sweep of its curves. All inspired by – and elevated from – the lines on a tennis ball. Take a seat. Let it cradle you in comfort and luxury. Available, as always, in the full range of fabrics and leathers and crafted to the highest standard, the Imola chair is a true BoConcept Design Icon.

Want to find out more about these wonderful designer chairs or see and try them? Click here for BoConcept’s partner profile.
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