Dine like a Star

Azure Ultra

Step on board 007’s yacht of choice for a long, leisurely day of fine wines, gourmet cuisine and magical maritime memories.

Having featured in four James Bond blockbusters, Azure Ultra’s Sunseeker yachts are the ultimate in glamour and effortless sophistication. Now, as well as whisking couples and groups off on sensational sightseeing charters around the Maltese Islands and coastal Sicily, these spacious, luxuriously appointed yachts are attracting aficionados of alternative dining experiences from all over Malta.

You can see the appeal immediately.

Birthdays, anniversaries, parties and plenty of other special occasions all include the need to dine out, particularly within the cuisine-celebrating culture of Malta. Social gatherings of family and friends naturally generate their own uplifting atmosphere. The challenge, however, comes with creating an event setting that won’t fade into the background of fun – but fundamentally routine – restaurant or hotel evenings.

Azure Ultra

As more and more adventurous people are discovering, luxury Sunseeker yachts are perfect for hosting unforgettable events…and they’re not just for movie stars either. The trend began in London in 2012 when the actual 37ft Sunseeker Superhawk 34 driven by ‘Cigar Girl’ in the opening sequence of the Bond movie, The World is not Enough, was made available for champagne and canapés charters.

The world has changed a lot since 2012, with Sunseekers getting bigger and even more impressive. The Azure Ultra fleet ranges from the 49ft Portofino 46, to the 69ft Manhattan 64, with features including spacious on-deck dining facilities, full-width staterooms, VIP double cabins, overhead flybridges, split level saloons, fully equipped bars, ice-making machines and outside grills (nuclear warheads not included).

Interestingly the word yacht comes from the early modern Dutch word jaghte, from jaghtschip, which means ‘hunting ship’, or ‘fast pirate ship’ in colloquial Dutch.

Azure Ultra

Living up to the buccaneering origin of their name, all Sunseeker yachts possess a poised, sleek look that exudes predatory power and streamlined speed. It’s no wonder. Each Sunseeker is expertly hand-built and hand-crafted in Dorset by master artisans. But the real magic starts when these creations of rare beauty are placed in the beautiful Mediterranean setting of Malta, where glittering azure waters and incredible scenery meet amazing culture and outstanding cuisine.

Picture the scene. You’re standing on the sumptuous wooden deck of your exclusive Sunseeker yacht, stars overhead, waves under your feet, the lights of Valletta dancing on the water, laughter of loved ones and aroma of award-winning cuisine in the air, live music adding an extra sprinkle of magic to the evening, along with obligatory Martini cocktails, shaken not stirred of course.

Until relatively recently, this type of luxury was the elite preserve of Silicon Valley whizz-kid billionaires, Russian oligarchs or Hollywood stars. Now, thanks to Azure Ultra, you can tailor-make your own celebrity-style dinner charter down to the finest of details, with the luxury yacht specialist able to arrange live music, catering from Michelin-star restaurants, or even Limousine shuttles to Birgu Marina.

Azure Ultra

If you’re looking to create a truly unforgettable special occasion, an Azure Ultra dining experience will be a guaranteed box office hit.

If you have an upcoming event you want to make unforgettable, check out Azure Ultra’s Partner Profile for more information about the luxury yachts available for hire.


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