Introducing: The Yacht Holiday


For many people, the idea of taking a week off typically involves getting on a plane and jetting off to some exotic, faraway place. Even though the aim is to relax, it cannot be forgotten that this takes a lot of planning, arranging, and some initial pressure to book all the logistics of your stay in time.

However, what if a week of complete serenity could be enjoyed without all the trouble of planning and booking, without sacrificing the feeling of being somewhere new and uplifting? That’s a possibility that some yacht owners will confess they have, and the trick is in choosing when your stay on the yacht – for a few days or a week during the year – will be.

It’s no secret that owning a luxury yacht, like any property, comes with big responsibility. With maintenance, crewing and berthing costs in mind, there is a risk that what started out as an attempt to own your own luxury getaway vehicle becomes yet another thing to stress about. However, that’s where fractional or partial ownership comes in, where you get all the benefits of comfort, relaxation and a chance to escape for some time in the year, without all the extra hassles and responsibilities. You just show up, hop on board your floating sanctuary and leave your worries back on shore.

It’s also good to know that, even though you won’t be responsible for its upkeep, your stay is still all-inclusive of the staff, amenities and all the excitement you might need, possibly making it one of the quickest, most convenient arrangements you’ve ever made.

If you’ve never considered the possibility of going aboard a yacht as a holiday, this concept might sound a bit odd and unimaginable. However, partial ownership of a yacht certainly presents some benefits. Here’s an idea of how a day on your own private luxury yacht could go, and all the relaxing benefits that come with it.


It’s the most anticipated week of the year: your week off from work. As an added bonus, you decide to spend it roaming round the Mediterranean, soaking up the sun and all the beautiful gems the region has to offer. After touching down in Malta, your chauffeur drives you to the Birgu yacht marina, where you find and finally meet your floating Sunseeker home for the next couple of days.

In Birgu, the captain spots you and welcomes you on board. After settling in, you take a tour around the boat – find the best place to lounge in the sun, familiarise yourself with the onboard bar, and take in the stylish, sumptuous interior of the yacht. You also check out the amenities the yacht has: the overhead flybridge, the kitchen, the living area with the comfortable leather sofa, and the bedroom with a TV mounted on the wall in just the right spot.


First days are all about becoming familiar with your surroundings, so for the rest of the day, you choose to become familiar with the sundrenched top deck till sunset, when the soft light reflects on the glimmering ocean horizon and fills you with a deep sense of pleasure and satisfaction that your anticipated week on the yacht has finally arrived.

After a light yet delicious dinner, you take the opportunity of having an early night, knowing full well you have no responsibilities awaiting you the next morning. You sink into bed, and soon, the exquisite feeling of relaxation as the water soothingly laps against the yacht, sends you into dreamland.



Even if you plan to spend time with family or friends on board, the scenario doesn’t have to be all that different during the first day, or even the consecutive ones. If your trip is business-oriented, with the help of the onboard stewards ready to cater to your needs and all the amenities on tap, your enjoyment and that of your guests is a given.

With all these water-based advantages, there’s no wonder Azure Ultra’s motor yachts offer the ultimate luxury floating homes away from home. You get all the comforts you need without having to bring half your household with you. In this case, a Sunseeker’s sleek mobility allows you to enjoy all the pleasures and treasures that the beautiful Mediterranean has to offer. There can be no doubt about it. Azure Ultra’s fractional ownership programme is a super-efficient, less time-consuming and ultimately more cost-effective alternative to owning a luxury vessel.

To discover this revolutionary experience for yourself, why not enjoy a full day taster package on board one of Azure Ultra’s Sunseeker yachts? With bespoke packages made to meet each individual’s needs, it’s an uncommonly brilliant way in which to explore a world of luxury.


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