Learn what it means to be “Ultra” spoilt

Azure Ultra - Ultra Spoilt - two boats

The “official” Maltese summer may well be over, and we have also had the first signs of autumn showers. However Malta is well known for its beautiful, warm autumn days filled with sunshine, extending right through to the Christmas season.

Indeed, this is a perfect time to spend some time on the water, when the sea is stretched out for miles like glass, the light has that very distinct autumn translucence, and the water is still warm from the many months of bright, hot sunshine. Another big plus point is that the number of watercraft would have drastically reduced, and you can spend a day in perfect peace and tranquillity in any number of bays and coves around the Maltese Islands.

A day, or indeed a weekend, on the water is at the top of my list of relaxing leisure activities; the minute you leave solid ground behind you, you also leave behind the stress and anxiety of a full Inbox, traffic headaches and that never-ending to-do list.

Spending a day aboard one of Azure Ultra’s iconic Sunseeker yachts is luxury indeed, and just what the doctor ordered when you are in need of a little pampering. The yacht itself is pure luxury and perfect for a celebration or if you are just in need of a break and want to spoil yourself. The icing on the cake is that everything is taken care of by the Azure Ultra team; from drinks to snacks, to lunch, towels and snorkelling equipment… there’s really no need to think of anything. You just show up and enjoy!! Now this is what I call luxury!


The starting point at Azure Ultra’s mooring in Birgu’s Grand Harbour Marina sets the scene for a spectacular day out.

This is your playground for the day. Don’t Ask is the second largest of the Azure Ultra fleet; and what a beauty she is, luxurious and elegant with a hydraulic bathing platform that just lowers you gently into the water, effortlessly!

Welcome aboard! Husband-and-wife team, experienced captain and stewardess Roger and Peggy take care of your every need (Read Roger and Peggy’s interview by tappintomalta).

Stairway to heaven: the perfect spot to make the most of every moment out at sea.

The perfect vantage point while taking in the breathtaking scenery of the Maltese coastline and that blue, blue sea. 

The sea air brings on a big appetite; Peggy shops early in the morning, prior to every cruise, ensuring lunch is fresh, healthy and delicious.

The yacht interiors are elegant and luxurious and equipped with all amenities. Guests booking a bespoke overnight cruise, weekend in Sicily or further afield are ensured a five-star experience every step of the way.

The attention to detail from every aspect is impressive; they really have thought of everything!

Azure Ultra offer exceptional value charters and bespoke programmes. Go on, spoil yourself, contact Azure Ultra


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