Treat your family with impressive views and a gentle sea breeze

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No matter how much we grow up; a singular fact remains unchanged about us: we all wish to make our parents proud of our accomplishments. It is easy to forget about this truth when you become a parent yourself.

Whether it is a graduation, a promotion or simply coming of age, any stepping stone towards improvement deserves to be acknowledged and celebrated. For parents, there is nothing quite like the inexplicable sensation of lightness and joy that washes over you when your son or daughter gets a bit closer to the life they dream of leading.

Most parents love to reward their children’s accomplishments with a celebration that they can share with family and friends. So why not organise a special event with difference, allowing them to have a day with the people they really care about. Treat them to impressive views, a gentle breeze, turquoise, clear waters and a chance to let their hair down in true summer style.

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Cruise around Malta’s coastline, and enjoy the untouched beauty of secluded bays and admire the plunging cliffs along the western end of Malta. Soothe the stress-wrung minds of your loved ones with picturesque scenes, the serenity of open water and the sparkling sun.

With Hera Cruises, you can keep cruising all the way north to the island of Comino. The cruise will berth at to the island itself, allowing your party the chance to explore Malta’s smallest island or you can simply relax under the awning on the spacious deck, and a dip in the famous Blue Lagoon.


Continue your journey north and anchor in a remote, secluded bay in Gozo. Tucked away from the throng of other vessels: An unfrequented bay, surrounded by cliffs, a cool breeze, calm, soothing water, and the cascading sun, you will get to join your family and friends for a swim, and then dine together. Here, aficionados of the underwater can use the equipment available to snorkel around the rugged coastline.

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At around six in the evening, the cruise will travel down the urban coast, where you will get to take in the city scapes of Bugibba, Pembroke, and St Julian’s before heading to the Grand Harbour, finally stopping at the Sliema Ferries point.

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Do you want to spend a day dedicated solely to your family and friends? Find out more from Hera Cruises here and learn more about what they can offer for a full day out or a bespoke charter.


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