What do you need to pack for a weekend away on the boat?


Preparing your luggage to go out to sea is always a bit of a chore. Most women start the process some time ahead, armed with a packing list and smart space-saving techniques. Men tend to be slightly less preoccupied, and by this I mean they just throw a bunch of clothes into a carry-on at midnight, right before the morning departure.

The tendency to take twice the amount of clothing you actually need is familiar to most of us. Many – especially me – are hardwired to plan for every eventuality, and although this can be a blessing, it also tends to lead to overpacking and wrestling with the luggage to zip it up. So have a look at some essentials and general items that we have listed for you. This list is especially important because what you bring – or more importantly, what you forget to pack – can impact your enjoyment of your cruise vacation.

First, the most important is to adapt to the season and destination. Then, don’t forget that you are travelling by sea and the boat is in motion, so whatever the season there will be wind and constant fresh air, even in summer. On the boat, the rooms will be air-conditioned and it can get cold, so plan to have a light sweater or/and a scarf.

Remember also the reflection of the sun from the sea, which means you will be more exposed to sun rays than if you were to be swimming or on the beach. Prepare sunblock and hats. It would be a shame to spoil beautiful vacation memories with a crimson complexion. To appreciate the scenery without having to wrinkle your eyebrows and squint your eyes, opt for polarised glasses.


A few more necessities for your on-board stay:

  • Crushable non-iron clothes: You won’t – nor should you – have the time to iron clothes when you’re boating, so opt for a selection of items that either don’t require ironing or are meant to look crinkled.
  • Pack it in a tote bag: It is fashionable, and also perfect for carrying all the essentials you would need to carry around with you.
  • Swimwear and sarongs: On board and while at sea, it is unlikely that you will be wearing much else, especially if cruising in summer.
  • 1 pair of flats: Again, on board the boat you won’t be wearing shoes at all. But if you are hopping off for a visit of the ports you stop in, they are the most practical…and will easily fit in your tote.
  • Shorts: If you’re planning on going ashore, pack a pair of shorts with you. Chances are you’ll be doing some walking in sizzling weather.

Here are some additional tips from Azure Ultra’s stewardesses:

“As there is very little space to pack suitcases away on a boat, using a soft tog-bag is essential so it can be rolled up after unpacking. Lightweight clothing and bathing costumes, hats and sunglasses are recommended, while towels and toiletries are included for overnight stays. It is also advisable to pack travel sickness tablets, any required medication, sun care products and reading glasses. Azure Ultra holiday makers should not forget their cameras and any chargers needed to stay connected.”

Azure Ultra - Honeymoon Suite

With this list you can now be sure that you have the essential items to enjoy a night or an even longer stay aboard one of Azure Ultra’s luxury yachts.

To contact Azure Ultra and discuss the requirements for your charter around Malta or further afield, view their partner profile here and get in touch with the team.


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