Parking in Malta

Parking in Malta

The aim of this particular article is to give you an insight into some of the pit falls and frustrations surrounding parking on the Island of Malta.  There are only a limited number of retail centres housing a multitude of retail outlets and  multi-story parking areas.  Here on the Island the outlets are generally spread far and wide and the problems of narrow, overcrowded street parking can limit your ability to park at a reasonable distance from the retail outlet.  Parking in side streets close to the venue is inevitable nine time out of ten hence the need to  be aware of where you’re leaving your vehicle.

There are a number of multi-story car parks strategically placed in places such as St Julians, Sliema, and Floriana, however, most of the bespoke retail outlets featured on the web site are located away from the multi-story car parks.  Some of the companies we have listed have their own small private parking facilities offering spaces off the street.  One of the features of the tappintomalta website is providing small pieces of “parking info” coupled to particular outlets, providing local information such as private parking, street parking, paid parking etc.

 General Restrictions / Regulation

  • Do not park anywhere where there are double yellow lines.
  • Do not park in parking bays with yellow lines; also do not park in front of garages with ‘No Parking’ signs.
  • Cars which are not parked properly can be fined, and even clamped or towed away.
  • There are a number of streets around Malta and Gozo with “Timed Parking Zones”. Here parking is restricted to a maximum time as indicated on the street sign (restrictions do not apply to residents of the locality). Timed parking zones can range from one hour to two hours maximum. When parking in these zones, use your parking disc to indicate your time of arrival.

Residents Parking

  • There are also otherlocal regulations. These include residents-only parking spaces in certain areas (For example, parking bays coloured blue and green in Valletta for residents. and many different notices with instructions such as ‘Park FrontBumper to Kerb’.
  • Many other restrictions (such as disabled-only parking) are painted on to the road itself and can fade in the sun so they become difficult to see, therefore always double check where you park.

  • Valletta and Sliema have a number of one way systems which make navigation difficult. Coupled with the narrow roads and parking restrictions this makes it difficult by car for the those new to the Maltese roads.






  •  Some streets are particularly steep in places, and care should be taken when parking on this type of slope.  Simple measures such as turning your wheels in to face the wall, using the steering lock and leaving the vehicle in second gear, would help with any unwanted movement should the hand break fail while parked.






Parking Discs

  • Parking discs can be obtained for any local council office.
  • These should be placed on the windscreen in time-restricted parking areas, indicating your time of arrival (see illustration below).







Parking Fines

How and where to pay fines:

  • Methods of Payment accepted: Cash, cheque or Electronic Point of Sale Card.
  • Locations of Payment: Administrative Offices of any local council in Malta or Gozo or by sending a cheque to the Region Office where the offence was committed
  • Online payment is also available at:


  • The time frame for ticket payment depends on which official issues the ticket. If it is a police officer or a transport authority officer then the details have to be entered on to the system manually and the fine is not available for payment for 2 weeks. On the other hand, the Local Warden prints out a ticket on site, so the fine may be paid immediately.
  • In all cases a summons to a local tribunal is issued with the ticket, but if the fine has already been paid then the offender does not have to appear. In the case of the Local Warden, offenders are given 7 days to pay before tribunal proceedings are commenced against them. The local tribunal may be used for people to appeal the fines.

 Car Parks / Off Street Parking

There are a number of private car parks around Malta and Gozo; the main ones are the following:

  • MCP (Malta Car Parks) have 2 major car parks, one in Floriana (1,200 spaces) and the other in Hamrun (140 spaces). These are both underground car parks. (More info):
  • The Point Shopping Complex car park,  Sliema(
  • C C Car Parks, Sliema (
  • Portomaso Car Park, St. Julians.
  • BayStreet Car Park, St. Julians.
  • Eden Car Park, St. Julians.
  • Aragon House Car Park, St. Julians.
  • Daniel’s Shopping Complex Car Park, Hamrun.
  • The Duke Shopping Mall Car Park, Victoria, Gozo.
  • Rates for each of these car parks varies and are generally displayed at the entrance.

 Parkers /Car Guards

  • Many public spaces (official looking car parks or rough off road areas) have parker’s /car guards. They don’t have a set fee and customers can effectively pay them whatever they like from 50 cents upwards-depending on how long they have parked for and how generous they are feeling.

Residence Permits for street parking etc

  • Residents are free to park any time, and for however long is needed, within the ‘Timed Parking Zones’ of their own locality.
  • It is important that the vehicle is registered under your own address, so that Local Wardens checking can see that said vehicle is owned by a resident.
  • Otherwise, resident parking permits may be obtained from the Local Council office.



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