10 Minutes with Joseph Calleja

Joseph Calleja Concert 2015 / 4

In anticipation of his annual concert tonight, Joseph Calleja took 10 minutes out of his very busy schedule to talk to Isabel Tapp at tappintomalta.


You have had your own personal impact on increasing awareness of Malta, which must make you very proud; but what about your own personal journey?  What would you like to achieve for yourself over the next 5 – 10 years?

Maintaining my career at this level is already a challenge. Ideally I will continue maturing as an artist and expanding my repertoire.

Malta has been receiving a lot of positive publicity on the world stage in recent months, how have you seen Malta progressing over recent years?

My name and the name of Malta has become synonymous. I have also strived to promote Malta extensively and I was personally involved in getting Malta featured on BBC television, RTL, ZDF, Deutsche Welle and CNN just to mention a few television stations.

You are working hard to promote Music and the Arts to Children, via the Joseph Calleja Foundation and Growing Through the Arts Programme; what advice would you give a young person with a gift for music and art?

A professional career in the arts takes an extraordinary talent coupled with a lot of dedication and sacrifice. It is not an easy career path.

Who or what is your biggest inspiration?  What gives you the motivation for all the hard work?

I find myself invariably inspired by children which is why I dedicate so much time in trying to help those who are less fortunate. Life is so short that it would be a pity not to invest in hard work and a waste if that a big portion of that hard work is not dedicated to help others.

We are looking forward to yet another unforgettable concert by Malta’s no.1 Ambassador. If you haven’t managed to get your hands on tickets, don’t forget that there is free entry to the standing section at the rear of the Luxol Grounds in Pembroke. 

And following the concert…

“A truly magnificent concert last night showcasing amazing Maltese talent complemented by international star Anastacia.  Congratulations Joseph Calleja and everybody involved in last night’s Concert!”



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