An Interview with Azure Ultra’s Luxury Yacht Crew

Azure Ultra - Crew Interview - Peggy & Roger 1

It’s a blazing hot Friday morning at the end of August and I’m driving down to the Grand Harbour Marina at the Birgu Waterfront. The one thought that keeps running through my mind is “I must have the best job in the world, surely.” You see, my first meeting today is on board a beautiful Sunseeker yacht to meet Roger and Peggy Jacobsen, Skipper and Hostess of this stunning vessel, one of the boats in Azure Ultra’s fleet of luxury yachts. I’ve met the couple before: I spent a day out on a charter with them aboard Don’t Ask, so I already know just how welcoming they are.

And true to form, I bump into a beaming Roger at the pontoon gate, and as we walk down to the boat I can see Peggy beavering away, getting ready for another day out. As I climb aboard and settle into the plush, cream leather sofa, Peggy offers me a coffee and fresh pastries.

As I begin the interview, I realise very early on that Roger and Peggy beat me hands down in the “best job in the world” stakes. Before we’ve even started Roger tells me that he feels so lucky to be doing something he genuinely loves. They both agree that for them, what they do is more of a lifestyle than a job.

AC: How do you prepare for a day out to charter?

R&P: We like to make sure that pretty much everything is ready from the day before. So before we leave the boat after a day out, everything is cleaned and tidied away. We always keep a stock of cupboard basics on board, but all fresh items for lunch are bought on the day. The spread we put on at lunchtime consists of locally sourced quality produce. Thankfully in Malta you always find somewhere open 7 days a week, and if it means driving a little further to get the best, then that’s what we will do to ensure that we are ready to go at a moment’s notice without compromising on quality.

AC: How do you think Azure Ultra is different from other charter companies out there?

R&P: It’s all about the level of service. At Azure Ultra we are quality driven and professional. The focus is on the customer first and above all. The entire team is motivated to deliver this standard of quality. This is obvious from the initial contact all the way through to the clients arriving on board. Everyone who steps onto the boat always comments about how efficient the booking process has been and what a great customer experience they have had. We absolutely feel compelled to keep that feeling going during their time with us.

AC: What’s it like working as a husband-wife team?

R: I’m the only captain I know who actually listens to his crew (with a chuckle).

P: We’ve been married 28 years and know each other so well that we don’t have to pussyfoot around one another. It’s so much easier getting things done that way. It’s also reassuring for our customers because we work intuitively together.

AC: What is the highlight of your day out on the boat?

R&P: Meeting new customers for the first time. We never know how the day will turn out, but we get to find out while building new relationships. It’s great to get people to try new things and face new challenges. We’ve had people believing they were scared of the water taking exhilarating donut rides while on board, and loving the experience. We also simply enjoy talking to the clients ourselves to get an idea of what they would really like to do: whether it’s taking it easy lounging in the sun, a spot of snorkelling, or even venturing out on a day trip to Sicily. Boating is a fun, luxury leisure activity, and a grin on people’s faces during this unique experience is a definite highlight.

AC: What’s the best experience you’ve had with Azure Ultra so far?

R&P: It’s always great. The best experience really is to be so involved with the company, especially in the selection of the boats. We actually get to visit any new prospective boats, vet them and assess their quality. If we know it’s a top notch boat it’s very easy for us to give equally outstanding service. That way we rest in the knowledge that we have the best product around. We are both really proud to wear our uniform.

I leave an hour later, thinking I really want to spend more time with this wonderful couple. They are a true reflection of Azure Ultra’s dedication to making each on board experience a uniquely memorable one.

To experience this team first-hand and find out more about Azure Ultra’s products and services visit their partner profile.


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