Architects in the city

easa links  POSTER

The 35th European Architecture Students Assembly (EASA), is just round the corner and the team has busy ensuring that this year’s assembly will be one to remember!

One of the highlights  is the incredible line-up of international and local speakers  who will host the public lecture series. Major thanks goes to Architecture Project (AP) for their invaluable help in setting this up. 

Not only is this a great line up but the EASA team  have also  managed to secure an incredible venue to boot. Pjazza Teatru Rjal, Malta’s new open air theatre, that forms part of the recently inaugurated City Gate Project, has kindly opened its doors to their facilities for most of the series. This LINK, which is open to the general public, should definitely not be missed, with lectures “al fresco” and the city by night as a backdrop!  For more information see the programme online.

Everything that surrounds us has been influenced by history, culture and experience on both a local and global scale. Advancements and developments in education, technology, sustainability and materials transform our mindset, inspiring new ideas and concepts. This timeless evolution creates complex connections between past, present and future. These links create an elaborate web of both the conceptual and tangible to form our everyday environment.

Keeping within the theme of EASA Links, the lectures and debates will strive to manifest networks within the architectural realm and their interconnectivity with other fields.

Join us at Pjazza Teatru Rjal from the 3rd to 5th and 11th-13th August. Entrance is open to the Public for free, however a donation at the door would be greatly appreciated.


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