Experience the Romanticised Realism of Maria Froman

Infinitely Xara - Maria Froman - Painting

Having recently returned home to Malta after extensive travels, Maria Froman is once again exhibiting on the island. The Artist explains that she takes a lot of care in executing her work, paying attention to details and working with multiple layers and glazes to produce artworks that seamlessly combine a photo realistic edge with painterly appeal.  Her contemporary realism is a fresh breeze in an all too often stagnant world wide art scene. The quaint still life bottles shine like works reminiscent of old master techniques yet designed in Modern taste with a surrealistic flair.

Maria Fröman Falzon was born in Jönköping, Sweden 1962. During her life she has had the privilege to live in many different places in the world; Africa, Asia, America, Australia as well as Europe.  Living like this she has developed a keen interest in world history and culture. She fell in love with Malta and now lives here together with her Maltese husband when she is not travelling.

In the early eighties Maria studied art in the US. There she won a Young Artist Award and a Rotary Art Award. It was also there that she sold her first paintings. Since then Maria has had plenty of solo exhibitions, mainly in Australia, Sweden and England. Her paintings can be found in private collections in USA, Australia, England, Sweden, Denmark, Singapore, China, Malta, Finland and India.

She paints in a figurative realist style aiming to best convey the expressive nature of her works to the viewer. The paintings are allowed to take time, painstakingly built up in renaissance style with many thin layers of paint to produce almost iridescent effects, harmonious atmosphere and space.

Maria is a member of World Wide Kitsch; an association consisting of some the best realist painters in the world, all selected by their peers, based on skill and ability to express emotion through the painting medium and the ability to communicate with the viewer.

Some of Maria’s work will be exhibited at Palazzo de Piro. The exhibition opens on 15th January and carries on until 29th February 2016.

View the Infinitely Xara profile for the Palazzo de Piro contact details and more information about beautiful historic venue.


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